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IT service tools are essential for companies. To effectively protect against all ever-changing cyber-attacks, computer security software remains the best option.

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What is online computer security software?


Computer security software provides a solution to the problem of cybersecurity. Faced with all the potential threats facing the company, it is essential to use this type of tool. This allows you to protect yourself as much as possible from any attack and react quickly if the system is ever affected. 

How does it work?

By using computer security software, the threat detection process becomes automated. The same applies to the detection of viruses and malicious attacks. Once all these infections have been detected, a few programs integrated into the software support their resolution before the system is affected. Many functionalities are provided by these tools, including web control, applications used on the computer or mobile devices. 

What are the main features of SaaS computer security software? 

File protection 

For companies, ransomwares are among their greatest enemies. The latter encrypt all their data and keep it until they receive a ransom. In this case, companies cannot access any of their files, completely stopping their production. By using computer security software, structures will have a tool capable of intercepting ransomware and blocking all types of threats. 

User authentication 

This feature is intended to ensure the identity of each profile browsing a terminal. Who has access to the files? Does he have the right to do so? The software controls all access by means of a password to be encrypted, for example. This will prevent unwanted intrusions and therefore threats to the system.

Only authorized persons can therefore access the files.  

Sending alerts 

In general, the software asks managers to define different events to report in case of suspicious access. It can be a file deletion, a download of large data or simply access to a specific document. All these actions are detected by the tool and sent to the company's IT departments. The latter can therefore decide whether or not the action was authorized. This will allow them to react immediately if there is a security breach.  

Activity records 

Depending on the previous functionality, this one offers the archiving of activities done within the company. The software generates logs that can be consulted at any time on these actions as well as all those performed on computer systems. The goal is to know precisely who does what and when.

It is a tool for monitoring staff.  

Who uses computer security software?

Computer security software protects your computer from all potential threats. It can be a virus, hacking or ransomware. All the structures concerned by these problems can use this type of solution to avoid the immediate cessation of their activities or even the permanent destruction of their computer systems. Some software is also suitable for auto-entrepreneurs wishing to protect their data, as well as for individuals.   

Why use computer security software in a company? 


  • The user can receive reports on access to all files and directories, providing visibility into all IT activities within the company.
  • Protecting your computer effectively becomes easy, even for beginners 
  • It allows malware to be detected quickly, which optimizes the company's IT security.  


  • Free software offers incomplete security operations 

How to choose online computer security software?

  • The quality of alerts: for these tools to be effective, it is essential that the alerts sent are usable and of good quality. Otherwise, the chances of the system being affected are relatively high.  
  • The ability to detect anomalies: the speed of the software to detect intrusions will determine its performance. Indeed, the more easily threats are intercepted, the lower the risk of harm. 
  • Price: computer security software does not have to be expensive to be effective. It is just a matter of finding a tool that can meet the user's expectations. 

The best free and open-source computer security software

  • TrueCrypt
  • Amanda
  • Areca Backup 
  • PacketFence
  • SmoothWall

The most popular computer security software 

For self-entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed people

  • FileAudit
  • SolarWinds
  • Zmanda

For VSEs 

  • Spyware Defender
  • Malwarebytes
  • Ad-Aware

For SMEs

  • Kaspersky
  • Glary Utilities
  • RogueKiller

In a world where hacking is on the rise, cybersecurity software is strongly recommended to analyze and interpret all potential alerts that weigh on your system. These solutions protect both users' files and the proper functioning of their daily activities. 

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