Password Manager Software

Password managers are simple and often free computer software programs that save your passwords and securely manages them.

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Our selection of 8 password manager software

Simplify user authentication and access management with this Single Sign On software.

Say goodbye to password fatigue and security risks by providing users with a secure and seamless login experience across all your applications. With this software, you can easily manage user access, set policies, and enforce multi-factor authentication to protect your organization's sensitive data.

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Paid version from €3.00 /month

Keep your passwords safe with advanced encryption and secure sharing options.

LockPass offers military-grade encryption and allows you to securely share passwords with team members. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to organize and manage all your login information in one place.

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A management console to manage users

Solution available in mobile application

Simple interface and quick deployment

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €2.90 /month

Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place with this software. Access your accounts on any device with ease.

This password manager software uses robust encryption to protect your sensitive data. Generate strong passwords and share them securely with trusted individuals. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your accounts are safe.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Securely store and manage passwords with ease.

Keeper's password manager software allows you to generate strong passwords, share with team members, and access passwords across all devices with biometric authentication. Plus, Keeper's zero-knowledge security ensures your information stays private.

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Pricing on request

Securely store and manage passwords with this SaaS password manager software. Features include password sharing and auto-fill.

With this SaaS software, you can securely store an unlimited number of passwords and easily share them with team members. The software also includes auto-fill capabilities, making it easy to log in to your favorite websites and applications. Plus, you can organize passwords by category and set up alerts for password expiration dates.

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Pricing on request

Securely store and manage your passwords with this software. Access your passwords on all devices and generate strong passwords with ease.

With this password manager software, you can organize your passwords into categories and share them with trusted individuals. It also offers two-factor authentication and supports various platforms and browsers.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €7.99 /month

Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place. Access them easily from any device and generate strong passwords with ease.

With 1Password, you can securely store not only passwords, but also credit cards, secure notes, and more. The software offers seamless integration with popular browsers and platforms, making it easy to access your data from anywhere. The password generator ensures your passwords are strong and unique, protecting your online security.

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Paid version from €5.00 /month

Securely store all your passwords in one place and access them easily with this password manager software that also autofills your login credentials.

Dashlane's password manager software provides robust security with AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication. It also includes an automatic password changer and a digital wallet for storing payment information.

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Password Manager software: purchase guide

What is a Password Manager?


A password manager is a computer tool that allows you to save identifiers, passwords, and other information related to a service (URL, notes, file, expiration date) in an encrypted and protected database by a master password.

How it Works

Password management applications generally offer a password generator with special and upper case characters to maximize the level of security. Choose a password manager that has a plugin for your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) so that it automatically inserts your authentication information (username + password) into the site login form.

This avoids manipulating your accesses and thus exposing them to theft. Do not use the same password for all your sites for security reasons.

The password sharing function is also very interesting. It allows you for example to update a password without disturbing the uses of your employees. They will continue to connect normally to a shared application without even knowing that the password has changed.

Features of a Password Manager for Businesses

Choose your password generator software seriously. It is important that you select the software provider that will offer you a software solution that focuses on security above all. Check that the software has:

  • A flexible setting: the creation of passwords must be advanced using special characters and unlimited combinations
  • Storage of personal data or valuable documents: identity documents, payment receipts, information relating to bank cards
  • A quick search function and the automatic entry of passwords during a connection
  • A filling module of long forms with address, telephone numbers, email addresses
  • Sharing of credentials with a third party
  • Adding emergency contacts
  • Integration with browsers or functions over applications
  • Authorization for users to create, modify, or randomize passwords
  • Whether you're an individual, a freelancer, or a company, the number of usernames and passwords you have to connect to your online applications can quickly become unmanageable. One of the worst options would be to save them in a Word or Excel document.


Cybersecurity requires you to change passwords regularly and this can be really tedious. Choosing a password manager software provides the following benefits:

  • You store all your passwords in one place and you will find them easily
  • It creates a secure and unique password for all online accounts on which you sign up
  • Encryption of sensitive data stored on the password manager software
  • Saving time with the filling of web forms
  • The information of purchase forms with your credit card number
  • Secure sharing of data with one of your relatives or collaborators
  • High mobility with access to PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet
  • It is impossible to hack the encrypted data of a password manager
  • Since you don’t write your passwords, Spyware can not recover them


  • Corporate versions of password managers are paid
  • Open Source tools can be used locally (by network password sharing)
  • It is imperative to permanently memorize the master password using mnemotechnics means (only password to remember)
  • Do not forget to lock the manager before moving away from the workstation
  • No tools support digital borrowing (biometrics is the only real alternative to the password)

Which Criteria Should You Look at to Choose Your Password Manager?

Face the multitude of passwords to remember by relying on the skills of a password manager software.

It can be hard to remember the passwords of the multitude of websites you registered yourself. It is easy for the ones you consult regularly. However, it can be hard for the ones you connect occasionally.

The word generator software is accessible by a single master password. You only have one word to remember instead of 50 or 60 passwords to unlock your accounts! To choose a manager, there are two criteria: security and flexibility of daily use.

What is a Password Generator?

The password generator software is an invulnerable tool that you will always have on hand and memorizes all the passwords for you. It is often recommended to use a different password for each website. However, it is very complicated to remember more than 30 or 40 unique passwords. The password generator software develops complex passwords that are almost impossible to hack into. Securing defined words by opting for special characters is what the word generator software offers you.

It is also very useful for real-time security alerts if the site you are visiting is compromised. Each word is unique and randomly assigned. Your online accounts are safer with high-level authentication.

Comparison of Free, Premium, and Open Source Password Managers

There is free software for password generation but we advise you to be very careful and select a software company that already has a presence on the market! Do not commit to downloading unsecure software. You will give access to sensitive data about your private or professional life. Choose a software solution that has already proven its worth, such as Dashlane or Roboform. IT security is not to be taken lightly if you want to avoid having to deal with hackers of your online accounts. Compare the different solutions and make the most of the free trial offers!

Create a unique and secure password for all of your online accounts by choosing a password manager software! Fill out the forms quickly on the internet and connect to your favorite sites in one click! Ask your software provider for advice on using a password manager.

Free & Premium

Password Manager softwares: Q&A

Password manager software works by securely storing all your passwords in an encrypted vault. It can also generate strong passwords and autofill login forms to save you time. Some password managers even offer two-factor authentication to further enhance security.

When looking for password manager software, you should look for features such as cross-platform support, password generator, autofill, secure sharing, and two-factor authentication. Some password managers also offer features like digital wallet, emergency access, and breach monitoring.

Password manager software offers several benefits for companies, including improved security, simplified password management, reduced password-related help desk calls, and increased productivity. It also helps in compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Some of the best password manager software options in the market include LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper, and RoboForm. Each of these offers unique features like digital wallet, secure sharing, and two-factor authentication.

If you're looking for free password manager software alternatives, you could try LastPass Free, Bitwarden, KeePass, or Myki. While these may not offer all the features of paid versions, they are still effective in managing your passwords securely.