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Digital safes are IT solutions that allow documents, data and other files to be backed up, accessed and archived on highly secure clouds.

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What is an online digital safe software?


Online digital safe software is an automated tool that integrates various features, including the storage of important data such as home documents or other documents. The security of the files is ensured by passwords, like a real safe. Some of these documents may be made available to a trusted third party, at the discretion of the safekeeper. 

How does it work?

In practical terms, the software serves as a vault for storing documents of all kinds: invoices, diplomas, identity documents, etc. These folders will be backed up in an almost unlimited storage space, which will allow the user to classify all the confidential folders he wishes to keep safe, without having to sort them manually. 

This online service provides free access to all documents that are stored in the cloud. The software ensures the centralization of mail in a single secure storage so that the user can access all his files from any terminal. In most cases, an internet connection is required.  

What are the main features of SaaS digital safe software?

The functionalities of digital safe software differ from one publisher to another. Nevertheless, some of them are essential: 

Retrieving documents

Once the digital safe software is configured, it will automatically retrieve all documents that are supposed to be integrated into it. These can be invoices such as administrative documents sent by mail. All this data is then stored in an online space.  

Traceability of actions 

The use of a digital safe makes it possible to identify when and by whom a document was filed. This is an essential feature to avoid disputes between members. This type of software provides traceability of all actions performed on the archive: additions, deletions, modifications, etc. For this purpose, an electronic signature is used for each operation. 

Document protection 

A digital safe is an object designed to protect any type of file. It allows the user to have a password on each document or on a specific folder, according to his needs. This password is used as a key to prevent or authorize the reading of files. 

Who uses digital safe software?

Dematerialization and digital transformation concern companies above all. A digital safe software is therefore particularly suitable for entrepreneurs and managers of a large firm such as a bank.

This type of tool is also intended for individuals and companies looking for a solution to safely store their digital files. It is a tool designed to make electronic document management practical.  

Why use digital safe software in your company? 


  • It prevents document loss in the event of an incident: theft, fire, computer hacking, etc.

  • It exempts the user from paperwork and file filing problems in boxes and other physical storage spaces 

  • It makes it easy to find files by inserting a keyword on the internal search engine

  • The software ensures data security  


  • Although some software is offered free of charge, it is rare that it meets the company's expectations. In this case, they will have to pay extra to receive the required services. 

How to choose digital safe software online? 

  • Software reliability: storing data requires a high level of security, depending on the size of the files. It would be better to choose software that offers services that meet the requirements of the company or the person who wants to secure their files.  

  • Document archiving: This type of software is used to provide almost unlimited storage space and a tool that will make it easier to search for archived data. Storage capacity is therefore a criterion to be taken into account. The same applies to the classification of documents, which must be methodical and understandable. 

  • The reliability of the service provider: as it is safe, it is important to know what the company is exposed to, in this case to whom it entrusts its documents. Where is the data hosted? Is there a guarantee that these data are reversible? It will also be necessary to ensure that the archiving service provider has a valid licence. 

  • Cost: An individual's needs are not similar to those of a large company. The choice of software will therefore depend on the needs and requirements of the user. The more efficient the software, the more expensive it will be. Some models can even be customized, which has a huge impact on the price. 

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