IT Automation Software

IT task automation tools save time when managing recurring tasks and reduce the workload of IT departments through automated processes.

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IT Services
Operations Management
Human Resources (HR)
Sales & Customer Management
Accounting & Finance
Recreational Activities
Construction Management
Association Management
Government (BF)
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IT Automation
IT Service Management (ITSM)
AI Text Generator
End-to-End Testing
Identity & Access Management
Computer Security
Code Editing
Password Manager
Remote Access
Application Development
Development Tools
Vulnerability Scanner
IT Management
Network Monitoring
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Application Builder
Business Continuity
Mobile Device Management
IT Monitoring
Managed Services
Artificial Intelligence
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
AI Chatbot
Anti Spam
Cloud Storage
Virtual Desktop
Private Cloud
Cloud Security
Application Monitoring & Performance
Security System Installer
Network Security
Public Cloud
Log Management
SaaS Spend Management
IT Asset Management (ITAM)
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
Application Lifecycle Management
License Management
Website Monitoring
Managed Service Providers (MSP)
Thin Clients
Database Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
System Administration
Data Protection
Bug & Issue Tracking
Patch Management
IoT Management
Web Crawler Management
IT orchestration
API Management
Consent Management Platform
Single Sign On
Web Design
Endpoint Protection
Digital Safe

Our selection of 4 it automation software

ITSM software for streamlined service delivery, incident management, and asset tracking. Automate workflows and improve service quality.

ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus helps IT teams manage service requests, incidents, and assets from a single platform. It offers customizable workflows, SLA management, a self-service portal, and more. By automating routine tasks and ensuring timely issue resolution, it helps teams improve service quality and reduce downtime.

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ITSM best practices


Strong customer focus

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Paid version from €15.00 /month

Streamline your document workflows with powerful IT automation software. Generate, edit, and share PDFs with ease.

With our software, you can automate repetitive tasks like document generation and editing, freeing up time for more important work. Our intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to generate professional PDFs, edit content, and collaborate with team members. Say goodbye to manual document workflows and hello to streamlined efficiency.

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A dashboard and a REST API

Generate 300 PDF for free every month

Simple solution for massive PDF generation

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Automate your IT tasks with ease using our cutting-edge software.

With SmartRoby, you can streamline your IT processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Our software allows you to automate repetitive tasks, monitor your systems, and receive real-time alerts, all while providing a user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased productivity with SmartRoby.

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An economic model based on the consumption of APIs and processes.

SaaS model: SmartRoby is available on AWS and OVHCloud

Interfacing with your IS

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €99.00 /year

Streamline your IT operations with powerful automation software. Boost productivity, reduce errors, and cut costs with ease.

Ctfreak's IT Automation software helps you automate complex IT tasks, including network and security management, system monitoring, and more. Automate repetitive tasks and focus on strategic initiatives with confidence.

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Web UI for bash and powershell scripts

Slack / Teams / Discord / Mattermost notifications

Fast, Simple & Mobile friendly UI

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IT Automation softwares: Q&A

IT automation software automates repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. It can be used for server provisioning, software deployment, and configuration management. It uses scripts and workflows to automate tasks and can be integrated with various tools to provide a complete automation solution.

When selecting IT automation software, look for features such as scalability, flexibility, security, ease of use, and integrations with third-party tools. It should also have robust reporting and monitoring capabilities to track automation success and failures.

IT automation software can help your company reduce manual effort, improve productivity, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. It can also help you improve compliance, reduce downtime, and improve response time to issues. Overall, it can help your company save time and money while improving your IT capabilities.

There are many IT automation software options available, including Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack. The best option depends on your specific needs and requirements. It is recommended to assess each tool's features, functionality, and pricing before making a decision.

There are several free IT automation software options available, including Ansible, Chef, and SaltStack. These tools offer basic automation capabilities and can be upgraded to paid versions for advanced features. Other free options include Rundeck, Jenkins, and Capistrano, which offer additional automation capabilities.