SmartRoby: in summary

SmartRoby is designed to help companies streamline their RPA operations. SmartRoby is a solution that greatly facilitates the governance of automated processes, from overall process maintenance to exception management.

Extend RPA management and include all stakeholders

SmartRoby is a solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and a user friendly interface to better manage process executions, schedules, and report KPIs based on real-time execution data. The key features of SmartRoby :

  • Monitoring: SmartRoby's Dashbord offers real-time KPIs
  • Process Assessment: SmartRoby offers a process assessment module to help SMBs qualify the impact of automation on their processes 
  • Exception Management: Manage process exceptions in a single, shared backlog via a custom workflow
  • Analytics: SmartRoby offers a custom analytics capability to create your custom report directly from your portal
  • Process Management: Get more control over your processes with SmartRoby's process management capabilities
  • Resource Management: Through its various modules such as the Resource Planner and SR Queues, SmartRoby allows you to optimize your resource management
  • Administration: SmartRoby has a complete administration that includes: User management, permissions and access management, orchestrator and robot management

Its benefits

An economic model based on the consumption of APIs and processes.

SaaS model: SmartRoby is available on AWS and OVHCloud

Interfacing with your IS

SmartRoby supports RPA automation technologies based on Blue Prism

SmartRoby - Novelis reveals the future of process automation with its 'robot as a service' platform SmartRoby
SmartRoby - Video 1
SmartRoby - Process Management
SmartRoby - Analytic
SmartRoby - Exception management

SmartRoby: its rates and features

On demand
Activity Monitoring
Connection to Live Data Sources
Correlation Identification
Custom Charts
Custom Queries
Data Import/Export

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