Visual Studio Code: in summary

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight yet powerful source code editor, essential for developers on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even in the browser. Boasting built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, and a vast ecosystem of extensions for other languages and tools, VS Code delivers a smart, fast, and customizable coding experience. This free, open-source solution excels in versatility and adaptability to any development environment.

What are the main features of Visual Studio Code?

Extensions for Every Need

VS Code offers a customizable experience with hundreds of extensions, catering to developers of all skill levels:

  • Rich Language Support: Extensions for Python, C/C++, Jupyter, Git, Docker, and more.
  • GitHub Copilot: An AI coding assistant trained on billions of lines of code.
  • Remote Development: Develop on remote machines or in containers.
  • GitHub Codespaces: Fully configured cloud development environments.

Git and SCM Integration

VS Code integrates source control management and natively supports Git:

  • Built-in Git Management: Commit, merge, and collaborate directly from the editor.
  • Extensions for Other SCM Providers: Expand your SCM capabilities with various extensions.

Intelligent Coding with GitHub Copilot

Accelerate and enhance your coding with GitHub Copilot, your AI pair programmer:

  • Automatic Completions: Receive suggestions to code more efficiently.
  • Interactive Chat: Copilot understands the context of your code, workspace, and more.

Remote and Web Development

Code wherever you're most productive, whether connected to the cloud, a remote repository, or in your browser:

  • VS Code for the Web ( A zero-install VS Code experience in your browser.
  • Remote Development: Open folders in a container or on a remote machine.

Customization and Synchronization

Tailor the VS Code UI to match your coding style:

  • Color Themes: Modify the user interface colors to suit your preferences.
  • Settings Sync: Share your user settings across different VS Code instances.
  • Profiles: Create sets of customizations and quickly switch between them.

Feature-Rich and Integrated Capabilities

VS Code goes beyond a simple editor with its built-in features:

  • Integrated Terminal: Use your favorite local terminal directly within the editor.
  • Run and Debug Code: Execute and debug your code without leaving your editor.
  • Version Control: Built-in support for Git and other source control providers.
  • Build Tasks: Run tools and analyze their results within VS Code.
  • Local History: Automatically track your local changes.
  • Security and Accessibility: Browse safely and optimize your experience for screen readers, high contrast themes, and keyboard navigation.

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