BugBug: in summary

BugBug is a modern SAAS tool for testers and developers that allows you to record, edit and run reliable end-to-end tests for web applications

Using BugBug in your project, you can:  

  • Record and run tests as if they were performed by a real us, 
  • Group and re-using steps - faster creation and editing of tests,
  • Make Self-healing tests - changes in the application do not affect your existing tests, 
  • Make a model of tests on the graph - a clear view of what is tested in the entire project from the very beginning, 
  • Support many tabs, browser windows, frames - the ability to create complex test scenarios

BugBug is very fast - we save up to 70% of the tester's working time - easy to install and to inegrate - thanks to the API, it is possible to  integrate the tool with any system on demand and only the Chrome extension is needed.  As a tester you can use the addional advantage of BugBug is the view of the entire project - this allows you to immediately see what and when you can test in the entire project - and you can use a lot of unique functions: Test graph + editing recorded tests + adding steps and very intuitive UX/UIBuilt-in Page Object Model force you to create reusable components - your tests will be more stable and easier to maintain. In BugBug you can also group your tests and run via API within CI.

Its benefits

Recording and running tests

Easy Integration - thanks to the API

Grouping and re-using steps

BugBug - Video
BugBug - Record & playback that really works + easy to use assertion
BugBug - Built-in Page Object Model (POM) - project and test graph
BugBug - Run and debug in your own browser
BugBug - Group tests and run via API within CI

BugBug: its rates

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/month /user
/month /user

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