Heimdal Security: in summary

What is Heimdal Patch & Asset Management?

It’s a cloud-based patch management solution that will automatically install 3rd party software and Windows updates based on your configured policies, without the need for manual input. As soon as 3rd party vendors release new software updates, our technology silently deploys it to your endpoints, without the need for reboots or any user interruption.

Key Benefits

  • Deploy Windows updates, 3rd party and custom software to your endpoints anywhere in the world.
  • Update or downgrade software and operating systems
  • Allow users to install software on their own
  • Schedule updates at your convenience or push them immediately
  • See any software assets in your inventory and create inventory reports

Automating your patch management routine helps you save valuable time and resources, close vulnerabilities, achieve compliance, and add unique threat prevention capabilities to stop ransomware, APTs, data leaks, exploits, and so much more. 30-day trial available, to test full capabilities.

Its benefits

Market-leading patch-release-to-install time

Micro-downloads from Heimdal CDN with LAN P2P

Usable anywhere in the world with no extra infrastructure

Heimdal Security - Video
Heimdal Security - Heimdal Security Unified Dashboard - All cybersecurity modules are integrated into same dashboard
Heimdal Security - Heimdal Dashboard - 3rd Party Software patching summary view
Heimdal Security - Heimdal Dashboard - Assets View

Heimdal Security: its rates

On demand

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Heimdal Security
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