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Platform with analysis of affiliate network tracking to enable analysis by merchant program or affiliate ID. Advanced  AI and Machine Learning driven tools enable multiple filters on affiliate tracking to analyze by vertical or geo market or keyword. Advanced competitor analysis enables users to view lists of affiliates linking to each of their competitors - and to build a Gap Analysis against their own program to identify missed opportunities.

Full documentation and training helps users to get the most from the software platform.

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Strengths of Publisher Discovery

  • guaranteed affiliate links
  • simple interface
  • flexible plans
  • Certifications: GDPR

Publisher Discovery demo and screenshots

Search for We design affiliates affiliate details showing emails, social accounts, other sites - and network and program connections

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Plans & Pricing

99 /month /user
159 /month /user
259 /month /user
999 /month /user

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Data Source Editing
Candiate Search
Social Networks
Community Management

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