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Marketing software accompanies you in managing your website with A/B testing software, CMS and web campaigns with affiliate and flow management software. Create and manage your content, compare different versions, answer the marketing specificities of your business and stay at the forefront with marketing intelligence software. Finally, communicate with the most suitable media with automation marketing software, emailing, sms marketing and lead generation. Find the most popular marketing software with our  software comparator and find the one that meets your needs.

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Best marketplace builder solution

Improve your Facebook Groups Performance

Custom service marketplaces

Simple yet powerful video communication tool

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Software

Technical SEO platform to open Google's black box

BtoB pricing and competitive intelligence

Open Source marketing automation solution without limits

Instantly engage your audience with a chabot

The all-in-one marketplace solution

Software for Point Of Sales solution

Accelerate your business and increase your profitability

Automobile Software CRM

The CRM Designed for Sales Teams

CRM to boost your sales and customer satisfaction !

Automate your PDF generation. Get the job done.

The CRM publisher with more than 90.000 users

Collect and create audience segments for better targeting

Hybrid customer support chatbot.

Advanced multichannel marketing automation for e-merchants

Simple & Affordable Social Media Management

Solution N°1 for Programmatic Candidate Acquisition

1 reviews

Best Supermetrics alternative

Lead Generation Software

CRM all-in-one | Optimise sales and marketing

Have you ever heard about Easycatalog ?

The only affiliate network that pays weekly

CRM & Marketing automation, much more than just a CRM

An emailing solution used by over 9 million people

Activate Data for Cross-Marketing Channel

Adverity is an intelligent marketing analytics platform

Collaborative, scalable, and performant DAM

Your brand new Digital Signage experience

Sell Smarter with Digital Twins

Digital Signage Software

The most advanced Marketplace platform on the market

Fight Plagiarism. Rank Better.

Digital marketing insights for data-driven decisions

Marketing automation tool

Partner Relationship Management System

Turn customer feedback into business opportunities

Event App with smart badges for enhanced networking

Vacation Rental Software

A new tool for your public relations

Free Email Marketing tool with unbeatable pricing rates

Dynamic Retargeting Platform

PREDESIRE Product customization tool

Streamlined In-House Video Production for Organisations

Feedback Management Software For Hospitality Industry

Insight-led Customer Engagement Platform

Marketing Guides & Tips

A website has become a real communication tool and a powerful marketing tool! This support gives you a business card of your company, a detailed permanent publicity, an increased competitiveness, a better reactivity and a facility open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- you no longer need to have specific technical knowledge to manage your website and your web campaigns. Online solutions are accessible to all, with the specificities of each sector of activity:

  • Product Sales
  • Advertising
  • Media Displays

To know all about digital marketing methods to develop your business, discover our marketing guides.

Marketing solutions

With SMS Software you can maintain a unique and personalized relationship with your customers and prospects.

With CMS software you can create many types of websites including: personal websites, corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and much more! If you are looking for a way to showcase your brand on the internet, a Content Management System is the perfect tool for you!

AB Testing tools allow you to try many variants of a button, a form, pictures and measure which one performs more than the others.

Target a top 3 position ! Improve your ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engine with SEM Software. They will help you to improve the structure and the content of your website.

Talking directly to an audience that is interested by your service is not a dream, it's called Webinar Marketing. Program a public webinar to present your vision and your expertise. People join your webinar and you collect their contact details at the end.

A Ad Serving Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Marketing. Find and compare Ad Serving Software for your business.

E-commerce has become an essential sales channel for companies today. E-commerce platforms allow you to optimize and boost your online sales.

A Landing Page Software will drive your sales revenue with features such as Landing Page builder, conversions tracking, AB Testing, lead generation and much more

Lead generation software is a marketing software that allows you to automatically identify people who potentially have a project that matches the product or service you are selling.

Affiliate Software allow you to run your affiliate program from end to end : connect with affiliates or advertisers, share revenu, set-up your program and your commissions, etc.

Feed Management Software are marketing solutions that facilitate and optimize the presence of your products on comparators and marketplaces. They allow you to transfer your product catalogs in the right formats and to refresh your content in real-time.

Marketing intelligence software helps you to search, analyze, and use information about your company, your competitors, and your sector of activity. You centralize information about your company's markets and products, with the aim of increasing your productivity and competitiveness.

Email Marketing Software is designed to send a large volume of emails with marketing features such as segments, custom fields, email templates & editing, image gallery and much more.

A Marketplace allows you to create and manage your marketplace in order to sell more products. Find and compare Marketplace Software for your business.

Use Survey Software to build beautiful forms to collect data from your customers or just for your audience. These tools offer powerful dashboards to diplay results and reports in a very comprehensive way.

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