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Influencer marketing platforms are systems for connecting social network influencers and brands to develop a marketing strategy, however, Affiliate Marketing Platforms are programs that also have the advantage of offering performance tracking of associated campaigns and estimates ROI.

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Our selection of 3 influencer marketing software

Streamline influencer campaigns with data-driven insights and automated workflows.

Reech Influence Cloud enables marketers to easily identify and collaborate with relevant influencers, track campaign performance, and optimize results with AI-powered recommendations. Its intuitive interface and customizable dashboards make it a breeze to manage and analyze influencer marketing efforts.

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Competitors benchmark & market insights

Chrome extension

Influencers' content amplification

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Robust platform for influencer marketing analytics, discovery, and campaign tracking.

HypeAuditor sets itself apart with advanced AI technologies tailored for impactful influencer marketing. Its key functionalities include in-depth analytics for spotting fake followers, discovering genuine influencers across various platforms, and accurately tracking campaign performance. A must-try tool for marketers aiming at authenticity and effectiveness in their strategy.

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Campaign Management

Faceted Search/Filter

Influencer Relationship Management

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Paid version from €99.00 /month

A platform designed for effective influencer marketing, facilitating campaign management and analytics.

Datawave stands out in influencer marketing software with its intuitive campaign management tools and in-depth analytics, aimed at optimizing influencer strategies. It provides features for tracking campaign performance, managing partnerships, and deriving actionable insights, making it easier for brands to measure and enhance their influencer marketing efforts.

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Sophisticated Search & Discovery

Campaign Creation & Management

Optimized Outreach

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Influencer Marketing softwares: Q&A

Influencer marketing software helps businesses find relevant influencers and manage their influencer campaigns. It typically involves searching for influencers based on demographics, interests, and engagement rates, and then tracking the performance of influencer campaigns.

Look for software that offers influencer discovery and management, campaign tracking and reporting, influencer communication tools, and integration with social media platforms. Additional features like audience analysis and influencer content management can also be helpful.

Influencer marketing can help increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and drive conversions. It can also help to build trust and credibility with consumers through authentic influencer endorsements.

Some of the best influencer marketing software options include AspireIQ, Grin, and Upfluence. These platforms offer a range of features for influencer discovery, management, and campaign tracking.

Some free influencer marketing software alternatives include HypeAuditor, Klear, and These platforms offer limited features compared to paid options but can still be useful for smaller influencer campaigns.