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Emailing solutions is marketing software that allows you to send mass emails to people on a mailing list.

List of the Best Emailing Solutions 

Marketing Automation
Security & Confidentiality
Integration & Interoperability

Omnichannel digital campaign management

Email and SMS marketing + data intelligence

Free Open Source Email Marketing Software

Centralize emails, Twitter and Facebook in Slack or MS Teams

Run well targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

Free Email Marketing tool with unbeatable pricing rates

The Power of Personalized Marketing in One Platform

Advanced on-premises MTA server

Boost your turnover, build loyalty with emailing

Customer Relationship and Webmarketing

Advanced multichannel marketing automation for e-merchants

The best template creator ever

Easy and free emailing software

Boost your sales activities, engage, inform

Email and SMS Marketing Platform

All-in-one Email marketing platform

What is Email Marketing Software?

An email marketing or emailing software is a computer solution composed of an interface for managing contacts, advertising campaigns and email design as well as an email routing system allowing you to send personalized mass emails.

Email campaigns can have three objectives:

  • When acquiring customers, the company relies on new contact bases to communicate with a specific target group. The message for this population is intended to turn contacts into prospects.
  • The loyalty of customers, the regular sending of information via newsletters makes it possible to retain an audience. These campaigns also make it possible to offer products that are complementary to a previous purchase.
  • The commitment and loyalty of a community through their newsletter

Why Use Email Marketing Software?

The answer to this question is essentially marketing, because a simple free email allows you to send emails to hundreds of recipients.

The Volume of Mailings

Mass email servers can handle thousands of mailings without being blacklisted, because they comply with good Web practices: IP preheating, adhering to charters, timing of mailings, etc.

The Targeting Process

Emailing tools are equipped with a contact manager that allows them to be segmented according to specific criteria (age, gender, registration date) or even dynamic criteria such as the number of hits or clicks.


They also make it possible to automate the sending of mass emails by scheduling advertising campaigns, autoresponders or the rss-to-email function, which triggers a message when an article is published, for example. Emailing software can also be used to automate certain tasks such as opting out, cleaning databases, creating reports for performance monitoring, etc.

The Results

E-mails are more appealing, more targeted, more relevant and tracked so the result is necessarily better than with a classic free tool in terms of click rate, opening rate, delivery and engagement.

Emailing solutions have the advantage of maximizing the delivery of emails so that they are not considered as "spam" thanks to continuously improved routing techniques.

Responsive Design

These tools also include the design of responsive emails (adapted to mobile phones).

What Are the Functionalities of an Emailing Software?

Emailing solutions offer all the following basic functions:

  • The management of contact databases with import and export
  • Contact segmentation
  • Management of opt-in and opt-out
  • Design of emails (sometimes called mailing kits)
  • Monitoring campaign performance
  • Mass emailing

Other less common features are found in some programs:

  • A/B Testing to assess different messages for the same campaign
  • Targeting or the ability to address all and only the right people
  • The personalization of the proposed contents
  • The integration of emailing into a more general marketing scenario
  • The autoresponder
  • The creation of Landing Pages
  • Webinar management

How to Choose an Emailing Tool?

The choice of an emailing software is made above all on the basis of functional coverage. All publishers are struggling with deliverability, but the truth is that the results are very similar between the different solutions. On the other hand, the included functionalities are very different from one vendor to another. If you are looking for a solution that allows you to make Landing Pages then you will have little choice: GetResponse and ActiveTrail are the leaders on this request.

Guides, Advice and Best Emailing Practices

Emailing solutions make it possible to send emails to large volumes of contacts simultaneously or spread out. In addition to volumes that can reach several million recipients per month, emailing has several qualitative advantages. They allow you to format emails with images, tables, and action buttons and maximize message relevance through segmentation, text customization, and scenarios.
To know everything about this branch of direct marketing, find our guides on email marketing.

The market for emailing applications is particularly challenging due to the number of offers on the market. Stakeholders often highlight the deliverability of their emails, the ergonomics of email design, and the quality of campaign tracking. On these 3 points, we note a standardization of the performances of the main actors.

The real differentiating factors are nowadays in the marketing tools available to users to enhance their contact bases, which enable them to carry out relevant actions. This is particularly the case for e-commerce companies that regularly cross-sell after a first visit or purchase.

The emailing market is stable, but the possibilities for new services are evolving. The volume of emails sent has been virtually stable since 2013 at 135 billion sends per year.

Setting Up an Emailing Platform

Project management in the context of acquiring an emailing solution is relatively simple, as it does not require any specific integration.

The implementation of an emailing solution consists mainly in cleaning the contact databases, most often in Excel, to carry out a single import of all the data into the solution without generating losses. It is necessary to anticipate a full working day for cleaning, sorting the imports, and the import itself.

The second part of project management consists in creating the different email templates that will serve as the basis for designing the emails sent. This work must respect current messaging standards: the code must be optimized so as not to turn into spam while adapting to different types of screens. Then, the graphic design will create a Corporate standard in order to create a real brand image.

Configure the SPF and DKIM to Optimize its Delivery Performance.

Some applications allow you to send emails via a personalized domain name ( To do this, you must configure the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) which allows you to validate the ownership of this domain. The Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) must also be configured to identify the sender of the emails. This makes it possible to effectively control spam and phishing.

The SPF and DKIM are configured in the administration system of the domain name manager (OVH for example).

Create an Effective Emailing Campaign

In addition to the technical aspect, a successful implementation of an email marketing tool will be based on an elaborate marketing strategy and marketing tactics. This will involve setting up opt-in strategies (proactive user acceptance), scenarios to trigger sales, and varied and relevant content.

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