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Feed Management Software are marketing solutions that facilitate and optimize the presence of your products on comparators and marketplaces. They allow you to transfer your product catalogs in the right formats and to refresh your content in real-time.

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What is feed management software?


In the world of digital marketing, feed management software is used to manage and organize an e-commerce platform. This type of program allows e-merchants to access their shop and perform various management operations such as stock analysis, sales monitoring, or product organization on the platform. Because it is online, this program can be accessed from any location and from any connected device.

How does it work?

Once the user has logged in using his login and password, the feed management software makes an inventory of all the products available in his shop. It classifies them in a database according to the categories or the type of item. It is also possible to create a customized sorting system according to the user's needs.

What are the main features of feed management software?

The features integrated in a feed management software depends on the options offered by the publishers. However, here are some general features that any web marketing program of this kind should have :

Integration interface

To sell products, the retailer must first integrate them into his shop. Most product data feed management software has an interface dedicated to this function. The presence of forms is designed to facilitate the use of the software, even for people with no knowledge of programming languages.

Order management

Online product data feed management software automatically saves orders issued by customers and displays them in a dedicated interface. From this interface, the merchant can manage them and in particular validate or delete them. It is possible to follow up on each order from the management window.

Categorize products

To differentiate products according to personalized criteria, it is possible to create categories on web marketing programs. Once they have been defined, the user will then just have to specify the category in which he wants to put each product to be integrated into his shop.

Search for product metadata

Some product data feed management software has a filter function available for each product. The program then begins to collect all information about the items, including size, weight, color, and available variants.

Product referencing

It is difficult, if not impossible, to sell a product online without it being well-positioned. To do this, feed management software is equipped with specialized SEO tools. These tools analyze the page content on each product and determine its relevance in terms of positions. Some programs offer suggestions to improve the SEO criteria.

Also in this perspective, there are programs that can share the product on social networks. It is then possible to set up targeted marketing actions according to the notoriety and the people who might be interested in the item.

Who uses feed management software?

Using feed management software does not require any specific technical skills. Anyone who knows how to use an electronic device can use this type of program. Thus, all professionals can use this tool in their business: company, shop, self-employed, etc... However, it is advisable to have a good basis in computer science or SEO in order to facilitate the assimilation of the rules of design and SEO.

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