Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software

CDPs (Customer Data Platform) are multi-channel customer data aggregators that enable relevant marketing actions to be implemented.

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Our selection of 6 customer data platform (cdp) software

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Get deep insights into your customers and enhance their experience with our Customer Data Platform.

Our software collects, unifies, and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of your customers. Use this information to personalize interactions, improve targeting, and increase engagement.

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A leading CDP that offers personalized customer experiences across platforms.

Bloomreach is a prominent Customer Data Platform designed to unify customer data across all touchpoints, providing a seamless, highly personalized experience for each user. It leverages AI to analyze behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to engage customers more effectively with targeted content and recommendations. Ideal for organizations aiming to enhance digital customer interactions while optimizing marketing strategies.

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Personalize marketing in real-time across all channels

Leverage AI and marketing intelligence to reach customers

Understand your audience with key analytics

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A powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) software that collects and unifies customer data from multiple sources, providing insights and personalized experiences.

With its real-time data processing and AI-powered analytics, this software enables businesses to optimize their marketing strategies, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. Its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards make it easy to visualize and act on data-driven insights.

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Manage and unify customer data across multiple channels with ease.

CrossEngage's Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to create a single customer profile by integrating data from various sources. With its advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities, you can deliver targeted marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

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Less friction: easy automation

More speed: real-time campaigns

One step ahead: data from all channels

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A complete CDP solution that collects and analyzes customer data from multiple sources, providing actionable insights to optimize marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, this software allows businesses to track customer behavior across channels and touchpoints, segment audiences, and personalize communications. Its user-friendly interface and integrations with popular marketing tools make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Graphical & intuitive Dashboard

Predictive analysis & in-depth segmentation

AI & Web Personalisation

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A CDP software that collects customer data from multiple sources, unifies it, and provides actionable insights to improve customer experience.

With Decide AI, businesses can easily segment customers, personalize marketing campaigns, and optimize customer journey. The software's AI-powered predictive analytics also helps identify potential churn and recommends retention strategies.

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AI algorithms

SaaS platform

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Customer Data Platform (CDP) software: purchase guide

What is a CDP? 

Definition: Customer Data Platform

CDP is an IT solution that integrates with the marketing and sales information system to centralize and unify all customer data in order to process them and initiate highly relevant marketing actions.

How does it work?

CDP is software that is online or hosted on the user company's private servers and consists of a set of connectors (APIs) that allow data to be downloaded from the company's software and software packages (CRM, Email Marketing, ERP, Web Site, etc.). The data collected by the CDP is unified by the platform (duplicates, joins, enrichment) and stored in data tables.

Ultimately, users (mainly marketers) can search, sort and segment the data to identify groups of customers who share similarities that are relevant for marketing actions.

It is then tools such as email marketing or programmatic software that will enable marketing actions to be implemented.

What are the main features of a Customer Data Platform?

The Customer Data Platform focuses on the collection and processing of customer data from all marketing channels.

Collection of customer data

The first functionality of a CDP is to connect to third-party software, software packages, and tools containing refreshed customer data on a regular basis. Connectors allow data to be reported regularly (once or several times a day)

Unification and cleaning of data

It is not enough for the data to be in a single place for them to be usable. It is the role of the CDP to unify the data:

  • Data duplication
  • Removal of inconsistencies
  • Error suppression
  • Join between the same entities (e.g. the same person in the CRM and in a cookie)
  • Data enrichment

Data manipulation and analysis

Once the data has been properly stored in the CDP database, it can be manipulated (without coding) by marketing decision-makers. Most of the time, it is about being able to filter, sort and segment contacts to identify contextualized populations (segments).

CDPs can also predict lead and customer behavior and marketers can use these predictions to deliver messages that will engage prospects in a buying process. For example, a person who has viewed a product on the website and purchased similar products in a store may trigger a special offer.

Management of marketing actions

The Customer Data Platform can create events that will be interpreted as triggers in email marketing campaigns for example. Some CDPs integrate automation marketing tools but most are limited to data management.

Who uses Customer Data Platforms?

CDPs are simple tools with complex integration. The implementation, therefore, requires a lot of resources to understand the business issues and configure the platform. In fact, CDPs are intended for large and mature companies in terms of data management. By mature we mean that they have a very advanced use of customer data.

CDP customers are companies with several thousand customers such as hotel groups, clothing brands, etc.

Why use a CDP in a company?

CDP is a tool that allows you to take advantage of your customer data like no other solution, but it does have some inconveniences.


  • Have a perfect knowledge of your customers
  • Breaking barriers between channels: really moving to multi-channel
  • Centralization of data
  • Increase data quality


The time spent implementing the solution and the necessary resources

What is the difference between a CDP and a DMP?

Unlike a CDP, the DMP (Data Management Platform) does not offer a multi-channel vision. The DMP focuses on programming and cookie management. On the other hand, the DMP processes data in real-time (or almost). The DMP is oriented towards data volume while the CDP values data quality and customer knowledge.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) softwares: Q&A

A CDP software collects, cleanses, and unifies customer data from various sources, such as CRM, social media, and website analytics. It creates a single customer view and allows companies to segment their customers, personalize their interactions, and optimize their marketing efforts.

Look for a CDP software that offers advanced data integration capabilities, such as API connectors and data pipelines. It should also have a powerful data cleansing engine, flexible segmentation options, and advanced analytics capabilities. Additionally, ensure that the software is scalable, secure, and compliant with data privacy regulations.

A CDP software can help your company in various ways, such as improving customer engagement, increasing conversions, reducing churn, and optimizing marketing spend. It can also provide valuable customer insights, help you personalize your messaging, and enhance your customer experience.

Some of the best CDP software options available in the market are Segment, Tealium, Optimizely, and Lytics. Each of these software provides advanced data integration, segmentation, and analytics capabilities, along with user-friendly interfaces and scalable solutions.

There are some free CDP software alternatives available in the market, such as BlueConic, RudderStack, and Piwik PRO. These software offer basic data integration and segmentation capabilities, along with limited analytics features. However, they may not be as scalable or secure as paid solutions.