Scal-e: Custom Client Marketing Platform

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Scal-e helps brands deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person and through the right channel.

However, the issue of customer relations depends directly on the quality of the customer knowledge.

Without precise and up-to-date customer intelligence, it is impossible to build quality, personalized and relevant relationships. An impeccable customer-centric database is therefore necessary to effectively manage relational strategies, recruit, animate or develop long-term loyalty.

That's where we come in.

Scal-e, via the implementation of a 100% tailor-made DataMart, makes it possible to capture all the data and organize them around unified profiles in order to personalize omnichannel interactions and to have relevant, reliable and actionable information available in real time.

We wanted to take the issue further, with a platform architecture designed to execute rich, fluid and real-time relational strategies, by connecting this reliable and unique DataMart to all of the complementary tools. This enables you to create audiences (scores, aggregates, segmentations, targeting, ...), orchestrate communications on all channels or for steering purposes using the native integrations of business intelligence or reporting tools.

Scal-e's 5 modules :

  • Data Management (collection, processing, standardization, profile unification ,...)
  • Audience Builder (scores, segmentations, aggregates,...)
  • Omnichannel Orchestration (email, sms, social networks, digital card,...)
  • Loyalty Management (loyalty programs, SmartForms, etc.)
  • Customer Intelligence (tailor-made dashboards, analytics,...)

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Strengths of Scal-e

  • Modular
  • Customized
  • Evolutive

Scal-e customers

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Activity Monitoring
Behavioral Analysis
Custom Charts
Data Deduplication
Data Import/Export
Data Source Blending
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Pivot Tables
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Time Series Analysis
Customer Support
Customer Interface
Customer Profile
Customer Support Dashboard
Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Data Asset Management
Audience Segmentation
Audience targeting (Lookalike)
Authorization to access and correct personal data
Automated Data Portability (GDPR)
Automated Right to be Forgotten
Cross-Device Data Management
Customer Journey Recording
Data Collection
Data Processing Registry
Data Reconciliation
Excel export in controller format
GDPR Audit
GDPR Consent Management
GDPR Documentation and Archives Management
Incident Management
Integrated Data
Omni-Channel Delivery
Marketing Automation
Automatic Campaign Trigger (trigger, birthday, satisfaction...)
Campaign Scheduling
Campaigns Management
Campaigns Reports Clics, ROI
Contact Cleaning Avoidance of duplication, correction of email addresses, bounced email removal, management of NPAIs and unsubscriptions
Custom Response
Direct Mail Advertising
Domain Name and IP Reputation
Email Designer/Builder Drag & Drop / WYSIWYG email editor
Email Error Management Wrong address, NPAI
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Emails Scheduling
Fax Marketing
Identification of Users/Companies Identifying the user's name and contact based on IP, cookies, or finger printing techniques
Importing Content via a Zip File
Landing Page
Mailing Campaigns
Marketing Scenario Templates Welcoming, thank you message
Mass Email
Newsletter Management
Online Contest
Opt-out / Unsubscribe Management
Population Targeting Segmentation & profiling
Responsive Email Adaptive emails; messages adapt to the size of the screen
SMS campaign
Scenario Management
Sender Custom IP & Domain Configuration of the SPF, DKIM, DMARC to authenticate the sender of the message
Sending Speed Control
Spam Complaints Management
Transactional Messaging
Transactional SMS
Unsubscribe Page
User IP Tracking Identification and qualification of companies that visit your website using their IP address and cookie
POS Management
Loyalty program management
Real-time POS transaction processing
Vouchers management
Product Information Management
Automated Data Export / Import API, Webservices, Flat files
Categories Management, Groups, Subgroups, Product Custom Product Variations
Data Import and Centralization Product repository
Export of Multi-Format Product Flows XLS,CSV,XML
Multi-Channel and Multilingual Versions
Multi-Version, Inheritances & Contextualization of Product Data per Channel
Sales Force Automation
Access to a Collaborative Database of BtoB Contacts Source of targeted contacts that can be used for sales purpose
Automated Reminders Notification in order to call back a prospect or a customer
BtoB Approach
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company
Events History and Follow-Up Account Activity & History
Lead Scoring Prospect qualification
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts by type

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