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SEO tools help you to position your site in the first results of search engines. Don't get lost in the maze of the Internet anymore and determine a real positioning strategy on Google by opting for these SEO-oriented marketing software.

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SEO Tools

If you have a website or you are in the creation stage, you have to know that without a SEM strategy, it is highly probable that your website will not rank among the first results of search engines.

To stand out, we recommend that you use SEO tools such as visibilis or SEObserver, such programs help you optimize the visibility of your website, improve the semantics of your content and follow closely the positioning of your pages. SEO tools complete the functions of a marketing program and provide a real solution to increase the traffic of your website and climb positions in Google positioning. 

What are SEO tools?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is also called organic positioning, since it is the way in which a site or web page is placed in a natural way (that is, without paying for this to happen) among the first results of a search engine. However, SEO is part of a much broader digital marketing strategy: SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM tools encompass all marketing actions in search engines, whether organic (SEO) or paid (SEA - Search Engine Advertising). 

Why Use SEO Tools?

Once we've created our website, search engine bots scan our content and index it in their database. This database is publicly consulted by Internet users. However, there are millions of websites, so search engines use very complex algorithms to select the most relevant pages based on the user's search. This is where the interest in using SEO tools correctly lies. Nobody goes to war unarmed, and positioning yourself on the front page of search engines is a constant battle.

So we're going to give you some SEO tricks and tools to get your website positioned on the first page. 

How to position your website?

Positioning a website is a fairly technical process and requires specific skills. Monitoring the evolution of technologies and the updates of search engines is essential to be able to adapt to the requirements of bots and algorithms.

In order to optimize your positioning and get to the first page, you must take into account the following factors:

SEO On site: these are all factors specific to your website. Some examples of these internal factors are (quality and quantity of content, frequency of updates, domain name, URL structure ...).
SEO Off site: are the external factors of the content and structure of your site, for example: backlinks (external link) or presence in social networks.

If you are able to, follow an SEO training in order to decipher the mysteries of organic positioning. However, there are numerous SEO tools to accompany you in the audit and SEO optimization of your website.

Best SEO Tools

There are several different types of SEO tools. Choose according to your goals:

  • Positioning tools can check the natural positions of sites or web pages, and examine the positioning of your competitors.
  • Keyword generators provide you the most relevant words according to the topic you want to deal with, in this way, your website can be found much more quickly. Web copywriting is extremely important, as including keywords optimizes visibility in search engines. 
  • Crawlers are tools that allow you to analyze websites composed of a large number of contents and pages. They have the same behavior as Google robots (also called Googlebot): they analyze the http code, meta tags, etc.. 
  • The tools that analyze the speed and performance of your website or e-commerce are also very useful. You can see what's not going well and what you can improve.
  • The backlinks tools or external links verify the quality of the links. This is very important for an effective SEO strategy. 

Advantages of using SEO tools

SEO is essential to be able to be positioned on the first page of Google or any other search engine. Here are some of the benefits to achieve such a desired goal: 

  • Control the evolution of the positioning of your site when you want and from where you want (you only need to have an Internet connection).
  • Reach your target audience and acquire new potential customers.
  • Increase traffic to your website with the aim of increasing notoriety or the act of sale (in the case of e-commerce). 
  • Verify and compare the positioning of the competition.
  • Establish customized parameters of SEO tools according to the needs of your company.
  • Adapt to the constantly evolving requirements of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Launch daily SEO audits and thus be able to intervene immediately in the optimization of the positioning of your website.

There are free and paid SEO tools. If you choose a free SEO tool you will most likely have limited functions, and if you have access to all the options, then it is probably a free trial version for a limited time. This is really good news, trying a tool before you pay for it will allow you to be sure of your choice before you have to pay.

Don't let your website come alive in the sphere of the Web anymore! Take control of your SEO strategy and choose the most ergonomic SEO tools for easy use. And if you need more knowledge before you start, don't hesitate to take SEO training or call on an SEO agency to guide you through a personalized strategy.

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