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Organize your event in optimal conditions with event management software. This marketing software allows you to manage event planning, invitation marketing actions, welcoming participants and live relaying on social networks.

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Our selection of 10 event management software

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Paid version from €79.00 /month

Streamline event planning, coordination and execution with this innovative software. Manage attendees, speakers, schedules and more with ease.

Boost productivity and efficiency with real-time updates, automated reminders and customizable templates. Collaborate with team members, monitor progress and generate reports effortlessly.

Read our analysis about Wisembly Benefits of Wisembly

The simplicity of a one-stop-shop platform

A reliable and secure platform

Personalized support

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €150.00 /month

Streamline event planning with this software that offers registration management, ticket sales, and agenda creation.

With this event management software, you can easily manage attendee information, create custom registration forms, and automate ticket sales. The platform also supports multiple languages and currencies, making it ideal for international events. Plus, the agenda builder allows you to create and share schedules with attendees in real-time.

Read our analysis about idloom.events Benefits of idloom.events

All unlimited : attendees, users and events. No fees on tickets

Flexibility and Integrations : integrate with any thrid party software

Ranked as the world's most user-friendly event management software

Learn more To idloom.events product page

Streamline event planning with easy registration, ticketing, and payment management.

Konfeo's intuitive interface and customizable options make organizing events a breeze. Keep track of attendees, send automated emails, and analyze data for future events.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline event planning with advanced tools for scheduling, registration, and payment processing.

From simple meetings to complex conferences, easily manage every detail with customizable templates, attendee tracking, and real-time reporting.

Read our analysis about KAYO Benefits of KAYO

Passez au zéro papier

Eliminez les saisies manuelles

Générez de meilleurs leads

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €250.00

Streamline event planning with an all-in-one software solution. Manage registrations, ticketing, and communication with ease.

Prezevent simplifies event management by providing a single platform for all your needs. From creating registration forms to tracking attendance, our software streamlines the process. Plus, with features like ticketing and email communication, you can ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline event planning with powerful tools for scheduling, registration, and communication.

Marcom ACE's event management software offers customizable registration forms, automated emails, and real-time analytics to help you plan and execute successful events with ease.

Read our analysis about Marcom ACE Benefits of Marcom ACE

4 different appointment scheduling processes you can combine

Multilingual platform

Content Management System (CMS)

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline your event planning with this top-rated software. Manage attendees, schedules, and tasks with ease.

From ticket sales to post-event surveys, this comprehensive platform has everything you need to execute successful events. Automated email reminders and real-time reporting make tracking progress a breeze.

Read our analysis about Eventmaker Benefits of Eventmaker

Event automation (streamlining multi-event processes)

Participant interactions (networking, matchmaking, lead generation)

Data intelligence (multi-event management, analytics & dashboards)

Learn more To Eventmaker product page

Streamline your event planning with efficient tools for registration, ticketing, and attendee management.

B3APP's event management software offers a user-friendly platform for creating and managing events, from simple registration forms to complex ticketing structures. With customizable features for attendee management, communication, and reporting, B3APP simplifies the planning process and maximizes event success.

Read our analysis about B3APP Benefits of B3APP

A platform adaptable to any type of event

Easy to navigate

Deep customization

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €490.00 /year

Streamline event management with this software's powerful tools for registration, communication, and analytics.

This all-in-one platform simplifies the event planning process with customizable registration forms, automated email campaigns, and real-time data analysis. Stay organized and informed from start to finish.

Read our analysis about inwink Event Benefits of inwink Event

Orchestrate your events and engage your communities

Manage centrally all data collected

White label

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Streamline event management with digital tools. Automate tasks, manage attendees, and track progress with ease.

Let's Get Digital simplifies event planning, allowing you to focus on the content. Schedule tasks, send invitations, and track RSVPs all from one dashboard. Get real-time updates on event attendance and easily generate reports.

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Event Management software: purchase guide

What is online event management software?


Organizing an event is very heavy because it is by definition the meeting of a multitude of different people and populations. The first step is to promote the event, collect the contact details of interested people and invite them by email/sms.

Once the invitations have been issued, everyone must be able to go to a site to browse the details of the event, register and pay for their admission. The participant thus receives an invitation (badge) that he can present at the entrance to access the event.

On-site, the organisers must be able to guide participants to the stands that interest them and the conferences scheduled.

All this is made possible by the event management software available online and therefore accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

Theoretically, event software makes it possible to simplify all the tasks related to the organization of an event, whatever it may be. These IT tools perform these tasks through automated functionalities. On the user's side, he will have an intuitive platform to closely monitor the implementation of his project. These tools include an emailing module, useful for sending thousands of emails in one click. The same applies to other tasks such as reporting. 

As it is an online tool, an Internet connection is required. However, it is not necessary to install the software in order to use it. This option allows the user free access to his schedule since it is possible to connect from any terminal.  

What are the main features of SaaS event software?

As it is an event solution, these software must integrate these few features to ensure the success of an event:

Registration management

Seminar solutions such as event software allow a potential participant to register directly online. Once the form is completed, the organizers can easily sort them. This will save them time in managing forms and collecting information about guests. This feature is also a convenient way to track the performance of the organized event by having the exact number of participants.  

Badge management

An event badge is an essential accessory in the organisation of meetings, stands and seminars. Generating a thousand badges is not easy, so the software allows you to do it with a simple gesture. These accessories can be customized according to the wishes of the organizers.  

Ticketing management 

Thanks to these software, managers can create various ticketing systems depending on the event. The tool offers them customizable ticket texts, a simplified background image insertion and many other options to create a ticket for the chek in. Once the tickets have been issued, a module ensures that they are put online, with payment terms and conditions. In general, such tools also allow remote payment. The tickets are then sent by email.  

Who uses event management software?

Such software offers computerized services to carry out various events: exhibitions, inaugurations, conferences, congresses, seminars, etc. 

All organizations involved in these events can use these tools. These tools are particularly aimed at companies that want to promote their products as effectively as possible. It can also be an individual who takes the organization very seriously. Professional organisers also benefit from it. 

Why use event management software in a company? 


  • The completion of the various tasks is less time-consuming while ensuring greater efficiency in the work 
  • It optimizes event management
  • It saves money and time 


  • In most cases, free versions offer only half the functionality of professional software. 

How to choose an online event management software? 

  • Depending on the offers offered by the publisher: the functionalities of this type of software differ from one model to another. Some tools are already pre-established, others can be developed to measure. The ideal is to choose a program that is able to meet the needs of the structure.  
  • Depending on the number of guests: sending badges, emails and sms requires a significant amount of time in event management. It is essential that the software can perform these tasks with a single click to avoid repetitive work. As the number of guests taken into account by these programs is not the same, it is necessary to choose one that can quickly transmit messages to all participants.   
  • Depending on the cost of the tool: the software on the market is available at different prices. Since each has its advantages and disadvantages, the ideal is to seek the advice of a professional to avoid investing in a tool that would not meet the needs of the company.

The best free and open-source event software

  • Odoo
  • Zenbership
  • Evolution 
  • Dolibarr
  • Noethys 

The most popular event management software 

Event agency

  • ProjEvent 
  • Agora Agencies
  • Digifactory
  • EventSoft

For SMEs and VSEs 

  • TEMPO Event
  • AGORA Sites
  • Eventtia
  • Projectpro
  • Gipco

Large companies 

  • idloom-events
  • Eventli
  • Ribyt
  • Bizzabo 
  • ToEvent

Making conferences, planning fairs, organizing meetings... all these activities require good planning. Thanks to this type of software, all the tasks related to these events are simplified, for greater efficiency. 

Event Management softwares: Q&A

Event management software automates the entire event planning process, from registration and ticketing to marketing and attendee engagement. It helps streamline communication and collaboration between event organizers and attendees, making it easier to manage events of all sizes.

When choosing an event management software, look for features such as registration and ticketing, attendee management, marketing and communication tools, analytics and reporting, and integration with other software tools. Also consider features like mobile app support and social media integration to enhance attendee experience.

Event management software can help your company streamline event planning, improve attendee experience, increase attendance rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth. It also allows you to collect valuable data on attendee behavior and preferences, which can inform future event planning and marketing efforts.

The best event management software options include popular tools like Eventbrite, Cvent, Bizzabo, and Eventzilla. Each of these software options offer a range of features to support event planning, ticketing, and attendee engagement.

Some free event management software alternatives to consider include Eventleaf, RSVPify, and Ticket Tailor. While these options may have some limitations in terms of features and functionality, they can be a good starting point for smaller events or organizations with limited budgets.