in summary is the easiest to use elected event management software in the world. It is designed to help event organizers plan, manage and promote events of all types, conferences, webinars, trainings, conventions, trade shows, meetings, and more! 

Their goal? To run a successful event on a modern and user-friendly interface in order to organize any event, from the creation of the website to the registration of your first registrants, through the billing, badges and attendance at your event. The software is therefore within the reach of any user, beginner or not, who wishes to set up his event. 

Its benefits

All unlimited : attendees, users and events. No fees on tickets

Flexibility and Integrations : integrate with any thrid party software

Ranked as the world's most user-friendly event management software

Certifications:PCI-DSS, GDPR, DSP2, ISO 27001, Pentest Certification

Its disadvantages

The best features are only available with the "Plus" license

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Appvizer's opinion

What we like about is the simplicity and aesthetics of its interface, which offers fluid and intuitive user experiences. We move through clean and minimalist visual elements, clear icons and bright colors to guide us and facilitate its use. The software is designed to be simple with clear explanations (they also offer free access to the Academy, which allows you to learn how to use the complete solution in just a few hours in a simple and fun way) to provide the best user experience possible. We were also able to take advantage of a dedicated project manager who was very attentive to our needs and accompanied us throughout our test. Their customer service is really responsive, which is very much appreciated! helps us in the creation of an event, from the design of the website, to the registration of our participants on the site of our event (or online). The solution offers a wide range of features to fit all needs. It is therefore as suitable for small companies that want to start up as for larger ones that have complex needs and large volumes of participants and events to manage throughout the year. 
In the same way, whether we are an event agency, an association, a university or a large corporate, idloom.event can really meet almost all the needs regardless of the sector of activity! 
Finally, the solution will make us think about every detail before, during and after your event: online registration (waiting list option), on site, hybrid, validation of participants, communication to participants, payments directly available on the solution, management of invoices and badges, hotel management, check-in, certifications, etc. - Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3 - Screenshot 4 - Screenshot 5 its rates

Regardless of the license, you benefit from an unlimited number of free events, participants and users. In addition, does not take any commission on the tickets you sell through their platform, so you control your budget from start to finish, without any bad surprises! adapts to the needs of all types of companies and offers various packages: 

  • The Light package which is suitable for small and simple events.
  • The Plus package, for more complex needs that already includes more advanced features.
  • The Premium package for professional needs that includes 99% of features.
  • The Corporate package is more suitable for agencies or large groups that need advanced features, multi-accounts, etc.

There is no minimum contract period and we can change the plan at any time, so we really have maximum flexibility which is very nice!

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Clients alternatives to the complete test

We have tested the features of and we have taken out 3 main features that helped us a lot for the creation of our event! Focus on the creation of a personalized website, the management of registrations and the promotion! 

Creation of a personalized website allows you to customize the look and feel of your event website in a very simple and intuitive way. In a few clicks, we add our logo or a banner, as well as our fonts and custom colors. All that's left to do is to customize the content of the different pages we want to create on our site, a real child's play! 
We manage the registration of participants online using a registration form integrated on the event's website, which can also be filled out directly on our own website for more flexibility! We take advantage of very advanced features for the creation of the form, allowing it to be 100% "dynamic", so that it adapts to the type of participant who fills it out.
Participants can register, pay online, receive an automatic confirmation email that can contain an invoice, different types of documents (image, pdf, etc), an A4 badge with a QR code. We can create any type of badge ourselves, with a different badge depending on the participant's profile. 

Registration management 

From the software interface, we have access to the list of participants and groups of participants online. It is possible to create participant lists, send personalized emails, manage payments, create personalized badges, and export or import our data very easily. 
The dashboard allows you to track registrations in real time, check payment status, available and sold out ticket quantities, who is on the waiting list, view attendee information, and generate registration and payment reports for better tracking. 
Attendee data is stored securely in the system (100% RGPD, SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant). It is also possible to import attendee data from other sources or export it for integration with other management tools.

Participant management 

The software allows organizers to manage the registration of participants in an efficient way. Participants can register online or on site, and their registration can be managed in real time from the platform. We appreciate the quality greeting to participants upon arrival at the event. Simply scan attendees' QR codes using the mobile app or any standard scanner. Badges can also be printed on site at check-in.
Attendance is tracked in real time such as who attended, who was late and who didn't show up. We were also able to send reminders to late attendees to ensure they arrived on time.

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