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Questionnaire and online survey software is marketing software that creates forms with custom fields that will be sent to a specific population for data collection. These forms are available online and record each field in a database.

The data from these surveys can then be synthesized and analyzed by marketing teams via a dashboard and reports.

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Why use Online Forms?

The online forms are very useful in marketing efforts to ask specific questions to customers, prospects, personas and frame the responses (proposals, multiple choices, single choice, free field, etc.).

The applications are versatile and have different objectives:

  • Opinion survey to explore the preferences of a population
  • Registration for an event
  • Satisfaction survey to improve a service or product
  • Market research
  • Collection of contact details (contact form)

The forms are very easy to use, the most inexperienced people use them to set up large-scale marketing actions.

The survey software allows the user to easily create online surveys, questionnaires, MCQs, surveys and other web forms that are then distributed to product users for market research or to solicit comments and opinions.

What is a Questionnaire and Survey Software?


The best questionnaire software offers many features to create an online questionnaire or develop a customer satisfaction survey. Conducting a survey in a few minutes is made possible by the efficiency of the questionnaire software. Respondents will be happy to answer your questionnaire using an ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

By choosing questionnaire and survey software, you have access to a wide range of features to customize your satisfaction questionnaires and market research, or to survey your customers and study a group of representative panelists before marketing a new product. Discover all the possibilities offered by questionnaire software!

How does it work?

This questionnaire development tool allows you to create online forms, conduct a survey, and also analyze accurate data. Email, SMS or directly published on your website, questionnaires are an asset for your marketing studies or customer satisfaction. Build your study on the sample questionnaires at your disposal to have your graphic charter added. Respondents receive a link by email, SMS or click on a pop-up window to start the online questionnaire.

What are the Main Features of Survey and Questionnaire Software?

Most online questionnaire software provides you with a large number of features:

  • A wide choice of questions with the possibility of customization: mandatory question before moving on to the next one, random display of questions, numerical fields, scoring, single or multiple choice, open questions, dynamic questions, display of a video or an image,...
  • An elaborate design: modulate the theme and check into the theme library to customize your questionnaires, or make an intuitive questionnaire with a drop-down list. The online software offers you the possibility to respect your graphic design in every way.
  • A wide and fast distribution: from your website or by emailing, define the most appropriate method.
  • Posting settings: with a customization of the email you are going to send, a test link or IP address limitation so that a single person cannot answer twice.
  • Professional reporting: automatic, customization of graphs or tables, export to PDF or other office software solutions such as Excel format.
  • Dashboards to consult the answers in real time: consult directly the results of your online survey or customer satisfaction.
  • A real-time statistical analysis of the data collected by question (average, standard deviation, etc.), question type with reports that can be exported.
  • Drag and drop: quickly drag and drop your information or images for a quickly developed questionnaire. 
  • An interface with your CRM software to access your customer file.

Who Uses Software to Conduct Online Questionnaires?  

The use of a questionnaire software is mainly intended for marketing campaigns to carry out satisfaction surveys, market research or quality approaches. Its business intelligence capabilities also make it an ally of choice for the strategy department to propose continuous improvements to customers or develop action plans.

Nevertheless, all departments of a company may be involved. For example, IT departments carry out a quantitative study on new software.

Why Use a Company Questionnaire Software?

Creating a questionnaire can be tedious if you do not have the right tools. If you try to make an approximate customer satisfaction questionnaire, your image as a professional may suffer. However, the questionnaire survey software has some disadvantages.


  • A professional aspect of your online survey or satisfaction survey
  • Saving time because you can complete your questionnaire more quickly
  • A large scale diffusion to reach a large panel
  • Very precise and useful reports to develop your customer service, develop a future product or get to know the people you are interviewing better
  • The application used on PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet
  • Possible use in various fields (tourism, associations, industry, health, education, etc.)


  • Manual processing of open-ended questions with a qualitative focus.
  • There is no survey software that protects you from potential bias in the interpretation of Internet users. 

Free vs. Paid Software?

You have the choice between free version solutions or paid solutions. They may be sufficient if you do not have a great need for additional modules or advanced features. They offer the possibility to customize the questionnaires and simply distribute your questionnaire. But for optimal use and to distribute your survey to an unlimited number of people, we advise you to invest in paid software. In SaaS mode or on the Internet, it is available in the form of subscriptions or licenses.

Although investment can be daunting, your online survey will have more impact if you can customize it to reflect your company's image. Feel free to test the different questionnaire solutions such as Google Forms, Sphinx software or Askabox in pro version. Assess your needs in terms of online surveys and questionnaires to assess whether the investment is valid for your company.

For a relevant marketing study or the evaluation of your customer satisfaction, choose a powerful questionnaire software that will meet all your needs! Create an online form or survey in minutes!

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