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Guide to the Ishikawa Diagram in Project Management
Drawing a fishbone diagram can lead to successful projects and help you solve complex issues. Use our free template to go to the root cause of your problems!
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Template & Guide to Setting Up the Perfect Project Kickoff Meeting
A project kickoff meeting is the first opportunity to bring together key stakeholders. Find out how to run a successful kickoff with our guide & template document!
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Sort Tasks With the MoSCoW Prioritization Method (+ PDF Template)
Prioritize tasks and differentiate between urgent and important matters easily with this guide what the MoSCoW method is and our free PDF matrix.

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3 months ago
What is a Scrum Board? Definition & Example
The Scrum board is an essential tool for a Scrum team. It allows members to follow the progress of its user stories and organize the distribution of tasks.
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4 months ago
How to Assess Project Needs in Project Management
The needs analysis is usually conducted by the Project Sponsor. It lists the requirements for the project in terms of resources and features: learn why it is essential to project success.
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7 months ago
Scrum Master: the Heart of the Team
The Scrum Master is the gurantor of the correct application of the scrum method, the well-being and the succes of the team. Discover this new job!
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7 months ago
MVP: what is the Minimum Viable Product?
MVP is a part of the Lean Startup methodology, an agile design thinking method that is highly valued by CEOs when launching companies and startups.
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last year
How to Successfully Keep International Teams in Sync
Going global may be a great opportunity. On the other hand, this also means facing tough challenges. In this article how to keep your team working at its best without losing in communication.
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2 years ago
Top 6 Best Project Management Programs
Compare the best project management programs and find the right one to manage all of your tasks, employees, and projects, as well as improve productivity and efficiency.