RationalPlan: Easy to use project management software

RationalPlan is project management software that has been designed to help project managers keep their projects on time and within budget. The main goal of this software is to make the process of planning projects as short and as straightforward as possible and to guide novice project managers through each step but offer enough tools to those who are more experienced.

RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload. Useful for project planning, project scheduling and project tracking.

If you are working in the area of construction, engineering, services&consulting, business, software development or even working on a simple student project then you can use RationalPlan. It will help you to complete your project as scheduled, on time and within budget.

Here are some key reasons for using RationalPlan

  • manage your company's projects and share resources between them
  • provides a clean way to break down your project, build schedules, allocate resources, and manage budgets
  • get resources and finances under control (realistic cost estimates mechanisms, screening cash-flow time distribution for tasks and resources)
  • gives you a step by step project guide that walks you through the project management process so you can lay down a project plan immediately
  • different scenarios capability via multiple undo/redo levels will allow you to make changes and safely get back
  • track project evolution regarding task's completion, time and costs
  • brings project's critical issues to your attention

The application covers the WBS project management area, project planning and planning to critical path management, detection of overused resources, project and task tracking, cost estimation.

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Activity Monitoring
Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Conversations and posts Collaborative discussions on a wall
Email to Task
Task management
Document management
Shared Folders
People Management
Activity monitoring
Budgeted time
Cost Estimation
Overtime Management
Time Estimation
Project management
Availability analysis
Macroplanning & Reverse planning
Planning Simulator
Productivity Analysis
Project Portfolio (PPM)
Project planning
Project profitability Return On Investment
Project report
Project templates
Projects Overview / follow up
Recurring task
Resource allocation
Resource management Human Resources management
Task planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Structural view to plan and organize the tasks and steps included in a project
Impacts identification
Risk Management
Workflow & process
Real-time editing
Task management & Reminders