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BPM software, business management software, these online software control your business processes: product catalog, supply management, inventory management, project management. Manage information flows to optimize your daily business processes. Find the ideal management solution for your business with our software comparison tool.

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Mobile and innovative storage management solution

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The most intuitive platform to manage projects and teamwork

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Inventory and Order Management Software for Small Businesses

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The Best all-in-one solution for small businesses !

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Project Monitor

Easy and efficient project steering software

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Easy to use and really powerful

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Boost your sales with the ultimate one-stop-shop sales CRM

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monday.com CRM

One Place to Manage Your Entire CRM Sales Pipeline

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Kizeo Forms

Mobility and Digitization solution for professionals

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Ogustine Marketplace

Marketplace solution for service-based businesses

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International goods trading, import export, back-to-back

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cloud-based field service management solution

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The simpler way of saying yes

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Project Management & Teamwork App

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The All-In-One CRM and Invoicing Solution

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Project portfolio management

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Deliver better projects in less time!

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BIlling for small/medium businesses and entrepreneurs

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The #1 Cloud ERP for implementing your scalability

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All-in-one team collaboration tool at small price!

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Smart invoicing for businesses

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Odoo Inventory

Inventory management suite of the most complete ERP

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Eurécia Temps & Activités

Save time on timesheet management

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The All-in-One Project Management Solution

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Manage your supplier invoices in one click

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BIC Platform

The Suite for your digital transformation

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Connective eSignatures

Simple, advanced & secure eSignatures. Connective has it all

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Project and Portfolio Management the Easy Way

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Odoo Manufacturing

Production management for the No.1 ERP in the market

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The most agile all‑in‑one app ever made

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Fitnet Manager

The ERP Designed for Consulting and Services Companies

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Fully featured platform to help teams work better together

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Kizeo Forms Gestion

The key to profitable sales management

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BIC Process Execution

Execute and automate processes with BIC Execution

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BIC Process Design

Business Process Management (BPM) Software

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Guide on Operations Management Software

Operations management and planning are two major axes of your business. Planning allows you to precisely set your goals and the associated metrics to put in place to achieve the intended result. Operations management brings you the development of structures and procedures. These online applications help you in the operational management and macro-planning of your company: managing your projects, managing your logistics and managing your cross-functional activities with ERP. Discover our guides on organization and planning to put in place a good organizational structure, a prerequisite essential to the performance of your company!

Operations Management solutions

Online CMMS Software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is used by companies to simplify and streamline their services' maintenance.

It is essential for any project to keep track of the resources consumed, money spent and the respect of deadlines/roadmap. Use an online Project Management Software to achieve your goals while keeping costs as low as possible.

Logistics software is designed to provide freight forwarders and logistic providers the right tools to manage their logistics. It includes inventory management, warehouse management, order preparation, flow optimization, distribution. Plan, control and manage your supply chain with logistics software!

Planning Software allows teams to create collective schedules that integrate the individual constraints of each team.

Predictive maintenance software to automatically plan the upcoming actions towards in-service equipment maintenance

Manage your inventory with a Stock Manegement Software. It allows you to know your quantities in real time for any product, prevent out of stocks, reduce shipping errors and purchase only what you need.

Companies working with many products and articles need PIM and PXM Software. These systems manage all data relating to products, articles, and references to process them more easily.

CAD software, also known as Computer-Aided Design software can be used to automate all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare CAD Software for your business.

Product Lifecycle Management or PLM Software allows e-commerce website managers and retailers to source their products, make selections, collect good ideas and benchmark the market.

A Floor Plan Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare Floor Plan Software for your business.

BPM software are designed to help businesses improve workflows to become more efficient and boost productivity. Methodical standards such as the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) are used in businesses that do not require human intervention.

A Procurement Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare Procurement Software for your business.

A Delivery Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare Delivery Software for your business.

A Work Order Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare Work Order Software for your business.

A Security Guard Software allows you to manage all tasks related to the planning and activities of security officers. Find and compare Security Guard Software for your business.

Scheduling Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Operations Management. Find and compare the best scheduling software for your business.

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