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The organization and planning tools allow boosting productivity in the company. Management tends to become simpler, allowing each employee to devote himself to other tasks.

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What is an Online Business Management Software?


Business management software is designed to have all-in-one functionality. A company can use it to centralize data related to all its activities: financial statement, customer list, employee tracking, and administrative documents. Because the platform is connected, this type of application involves the computerization of processes in real-time. This management solution combines the functionalities of ERP software.

How does it work?

The software consists of a platform that is divided into modules. Each business branch in the company will have its own section. Concretely, it is possible to control all services via the back office. As an example, the accounting will be done easily thanks to a template defined in advance.

The person in charge as well as the line manager will be able to make changes according to revenues, expenses, and profits. The software includes options to facilitate inventory management.

What are the main functionalities of SaaS business management software?

Inventory and Stock Management

This kind of software allows you to create a catalog. Through configuration options, it is possible to subdivide a collection to add sub-categories. Once the stocks are listed, they will be systematically updated. This will be done according to orders, sales, and replenishment.

Accounting Management

The accounting entry is done mechanically. A powerful algorithm takes care of everything while exploiting the tools of collection and disbursement.

Payroll Management

Of course, software like that should have an option to carry out the payment of employees. The organization is done according to the hours worked, the hours off, and overtime. These data will be visible directly via the platform and the calculation can be carried out automatically by configuring the tool in advance.

Customer Management

Customer information can be imported in the related section. This facilitates commercial management and customer relationship management. Thanks to the commercial management software, the user is in a position to better manage customer data and everything related to their prospecting, such as sending emails.

Why using business management software?


  • Better time management: It saves time by automating tasks.
  • It has a configurable system to ensure the management of the activity.
  • It ensures a regular follow-up of the company's development thanks to the automatic analysis of movements.
  • It updates data thanks to a real-time synchronization system and data visualization is easily accessible.
  • It is possible to download applications to be able to use the tool on portable media.


  • Free software does not cover all company missions, thus limiting the correct monitoring of the company's development indexes.

How to choose an online business management software?

  • The functionalities: A business management software must be able to answer different problems. The management tool must be able to manage invoicing, accounting, or even employee payroll.
  • Connectivity: Since it is normal to use other applications to perform other tasks, it is important to check whether the software supports the installation of a third-party plug-in. If it is possible to link it to other programs, the software is even more interesting.
  • The costs: The prices depend on the functionality. It is quite possible to ask for a program with custom modules by putting the price. To do so, you have to ask for a quote from the suppliers.

The best free and open source business management software

  • Inge-soft 3.18cb
  • Cloud Management Desktop
  • AutoEntrepreneur

The best known professional business management software

For auto entrepreneurs, microenterprises

  • EBP auto contractor range
  • SageOne
  • Solegis
  • Dolibarr
  • Myae

For small businesses

  • Hiflow
  • Dune Management
  • Gestan
  • NetSuite

For SMEs

Most used accounting management software

Paid software

  • Sage Accounting and Billing
  • Sage 50cloud Sky
  • Sage 1000 Accounting

Free software

Please note that to learn all about business management, various online supports are available.

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