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Our selection of 5 visitor management software

Streamline your visitor management process with this software. Features include digital sign-in, badge printing, and real-time reporting.

No more paper sign-in sheets or manual badge printing. With this software, visitors can sign in digitally and print their own badges. The software also provides real-time reporting, allowing you to track visitor activity and improve security measures.

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Streamline visitor check-in with customizable features and automated notifications.

Greetly's visitor management software saves time and increases security with photo capture, badge printing, and visitor pre-registration. Visitors can sign NDAs, access WiFi, and even notify hosts of their arrival via text or email.

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Streamline visitor management with a cloud-based solution that automates check-in, tracks visitors, and enhances security.

Proxyclick simplifies the process of managing visitors through customizable registration forms, real-time notifications, and a user-friendly interface. Access control and badge printing features ensure a secure and efficient experience for all parties involved.

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Paid version from $50.00 /month

Streamline visitor management with automated check-in, badge printing, and real-time tracking.

With Lobbytrack, your visitors can pre-register online, reducing wait times and improving security. The software also includes customizable forms and reports, as well as integration with access control systems for a seamless experience.

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customizable and flexible

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Streamline visitor management with this software. Automate check-ins, create custom badges, and improve security.

Say goodbye to paper logs and hello to a digital system that saves time and reduces errors. With Envoy, you can pre-register visitors, track their movements, and receive instant notifications. Plus, with integrations to other tools, you can enhance your visitor experience even further.

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Streamlined Visitor Management

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Modern and Contactless Solutions

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Visitor Management softwares: Q&A

A visitor management software works by registering and tracking visitors as they enter and exit a building or facility. It typically involves the use of ID scanning, photo capture, and visitor badges. The software can also screen visitors against watchlists and send automatic notifications to hosts upon visitor arrival.

When looking for visitor management software, you should look for features such as pre-registration, mobile check-in, real-time reporting, custom badge printing, and integration with access control systems. You should also consider the software’s ability to screen visitors against watchlists and manage visitor data securely.

Visitor management software can improve security by screening visitors against watchlists and tracking their movements. It can also improve efficiency by automating check-in and check-out processes and reducing the workload on reception staff. Additionally, it can enhance the visitor experience by providing a professional and welcoming environment.

Some of the best visitor management software options include Traction Guest, Proxyclick, and Envoy. These software solutions offer a range of features such as custom badge printing, real-time reporting, and pre-registration. They also prioritize security and offer integrations with access control systems.

Some free visitor management software options include Vizitor, Lobbytrack, and Greetly. While they may have limited features compared to paid options, they still offer basic functionality such as visitor check-in, badge printing, and visitor data management. It’s important to note that some free options may have limitations on the number of visitors or devices.