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Online visitor management software

Lobbytrack is an easy-to-use online visitor management software for all industries (businesses, schools, government, hospitals) of all sizes (from a single-site office to multi-site businesses.).

It is available on a desktop (on-premise and cloud) and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Key features 

Key functions of this software are to track, manage and secure visitors online. Some of the key features are visitor tracking, fast check-in, self-registration, generating ID badges, badge printing, automatic notifications, access control integration and reporting.

Here is information about each feature and on how the software works. 

  • Pre-register visitors 

This feature allows organisations to process visitors before arrival (visits can be scheduled). Employees can pre-register their visitors online before they arrive via Lobbytrack web-based online system or a Host App by choosing a host and adding information on time and place of the visit. When the visitor arrives, they can sign in using the Lobbytrack Sign In app.

  • Sign In App

  1. Pre-registered visitors can quickly sign in and out by scanning the barcode in their confirmation email or looking up their record. Sign In App stays in sync with Lobbytrack online visitor management system.
  2. Visitors can also self sign-in and print their badges. 
  3. If a visitor has not been registered in advance, they can register and sign in using the Sign In app. 

  • Host App

With the host app, hosts can easily schedule new appointments for their visitors. Added visits immediately become available on the Lobbytrack Sign In App at the front desk as well as on Lobbytrack visitor management online portal.

  • Guard App

The Lobbytrack Guard app helps secure facility by providing real-time data on who is currently on-site. Alerts keep a host up-to-date and immediately notify if someone on the watchlist tries to register.

  • On-Premise Desktop App

A  full-featured solution for on-site visitor management system to manage data locally. 

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Strengths of Lobbytrack

  • usability
  • watchlist
  • customizable and flexible

Lobbytrack demo and screenshots

Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Web_Based_Visitor_Management_Software_and_Systems_Features Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Sign_In_App_Visitor_Management_Visitor_Sign_In_Management_System Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Host_App_Visitor_Management_Pre_Register_Visitors_and_Manage_Visit_Schedule Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Guard_App_Visitor_Management_Alert_Security_And_Manage_Evacuation Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Desktop_Visitor_Management_Software_and_Systems Lobbytrack-_Lobbytrack_Host_on_the_App_Store Lobbytrack-Lobbytrack_Guard_Apps_on_Google_Play Lobbytrack-Get_Lobbytrack_Guard_Microsoft_Store

Lobbytrack customers

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Lobbytrack pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

50 /month
100 /month
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Per location / Up to 100 visitors

Per location / Unlimited visitors / Free trial

Per location / Free trial on lobbytrack.com/Account/SignUp


Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
SMS Short Message System
Credential Management
Badge Personalization
Security Level Check
Customer Support
Support Opening Hours
Document Management
Electronic Signature
Photos and Videos


Mobile App
Configuration Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)

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