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These planning and organization software programs are above all platforms for the logistical organization of the participants, their availability, places of intervention, material and immaterial resources and the invoicing of interventions.

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Kizeo Forms

Mobility and Digitization solution for professionals

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cloud-based field service management solution

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The 100% cloud-based solution dedicated to Field Service

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Work&Track Mobile

Manage your team wherever they are

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The Latest Computerized Maintenance Management System

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CMMS - The maintenance management software !

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Field Service Management Software

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A complete CMMS platform

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ERP for SMEs in the industrial and service sectors

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computerized maintenance management system

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Simplify the management of your interventions

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What is a field service management software?


Planning interventions allows entrepreneurs to better manage their activities. Such software has the essential tools to monitor each operation. The options vary and allow the user to set up a control panel to supervise the teams in the field, take orders and manage customers. 

How does it work?

The main purpose of this type of software is to facilitate the flow of information. From the manager to the mobile employees to the customers, the communication is done in real time. For this purpose, team members benefit from an application accessible via a mobile device. The platform synchronizes with the updates made by each of them. The data are related to the progress of the work or service.

Notifications act as alerts, so that nothing is forgotten. In relation to customers, it is possible to contact them via email directly on the program interface. The agent can always confirm by phone later. All this process is done semi-automatically with a field service management software

What are the main features of a SaaS intervention management software?

Planning management

To enable a maintenance team to better organize itself, most programs have a shared agenda. The latter offers a comprehensive view of each person's calendar to facilitate appointment scheduling. Coordination is thus more targeted, compared to field interventions, leave, travel, etc. 

Organisation of ERP information

These operational solutions make it easier to navigate recent or already closed folders. Data is visible remotely, regardless of time of day, allowing you to respond to customer requests. To do this, the program supports targeted searches to find the parts used, the measurements that have been taken and the photos of the equipment consumed. 

Consultation of the stock history

The management of the equipment  is easier with this tool. All stocks are listed on the platform. The list will be saved on the Cloud and updated automatically with each movement. It is easier to track the status of equipment for a faster inventory. 

Who uses field service management software?

An intervention management software is intended for all technicians who perform interventions in the field. As the functionalities are varied, the program can support an entire team, closely monitoring the services of mobile employees in relation to appointments received at headquarters. Of course, small and medium-sized companies are more used to this type of program to be permanently connected with their field team.  

Why use an enterprise intervention management software? 


  • Intuitive and remotely accessible logistics organization platforms
  • Notification system to better organize oneself while avoiding omissions
  • Shared agenda to ensure the planning of mobile employees' working hours
  • Real-time monitoring of all team activity
  • Considerable time saving compared to standard management, which requires always calling each other to communicate information


  • However, free software does not offer the full functionality that a company needs to manage a team

How to choose an online intervention management software? 

  • Downloadable application: since it is necessary to monitor the maintenance evolution in real time, it is interesting to use a program available in the application. This makes it easier for office agents to control the progress of work, and vice versa.   
  • Customization: an important criterion is the quality of the interface. The more ergonomic it is, the better it is for each user. In addition, the software must be adapted to the needs of each profession. 
  • Security: Data is the most valuable thing a company has to offer. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to their security.
  • Flexible costs: All software is differentiated to better fit each sector. It is normal to see paid and free operational solutions. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits the structure. 

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