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Our selection of 8 governance, risk & compliance (grc) software

Streamline and automate your IT management tasks with this software. Manage user accounts, permissions, and group policies with ease.

This software simplifies IT management by providing a unified console for managing Active Directory tasks. Delegate tasks to help desk technicians, generate reports, and automate routine tasks to save time and improve efficiency.

Read our analysis about ManageEngine ADManager Plus Benefits of ManageEngine ADManager Plus

Customizable dashboard

Free for 100 domain objects

Integration with ITSM and SIEM applications

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Efficiently manage user access and track changes with this IAM software.

ADAudit Plus streamlines user provisioning and deprovisioning, provides real-time alerts for suspicious activity, and generates comprehensive reports for compliance audits.

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Streamline compliance with our GRC software. Automate risk assessments, manage policies, and track incidents with ease.

Auditool's GRC software simplifies regulatory compliance. Conduct audits, assess risks, and monitor compliance with automated tools. Stay on top of policies and incidents with real-time tracking.

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GRC software for better compliance management. Automate risk assessment, policy management, and regulatory compliance.

BIC GRC offers a comprehensive solution for managing risks and ensuring compliance. The software automates tasks such as risk assessment, policy management, and regulatory compliance, streamlining processes and reducing the risk of human error.

Read our analysis about BIC GRC Benefits of BIC GRC

Documentation for audits and certifications in one click

Management of automated tasks and processes

Quick visualization of risks and controls

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Streamline risk management, compliance, and governance with powerful software designed to optimize your organization's performance.

Our GRC software provides a centralized platform for identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring compliance with regulations, and managing governance activities. With customizable dashboards and real-time reporting, you can easily monitor and analyze data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential threats.

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Streamline compliance management & reduce risks with GRC software.

IHS Markit's GRC software offers a centralized platform to manage compliance requirements, identify risks, and streamline workflows. It provides real-time monitoring, automated reporting, and customizable dashboards to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.

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Streamline GRC processes with intuitive software that manages risks, compliance and governance.

The software simplifies GRC operations by providing a comprehensive set of tools to manage risks, compliance and governance. It enables users to automate workflows, track progress, and generate reports. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use, while customizable features ensure the software meets specific needs.

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Integral approach


Flexibility and scalability

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GRC software for efficient risk management and compliance. Robust features for tracking incidents, policies, audits, and more.

Lockpath enables organizations to streamline their GRC processes. Its incident management, policy management, audit management, and compliance management features help businesses stay on top of their risk management and compliance needs.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) softwares: Q&A

GRC software helps organizations manage compliance and risk while improving governance. It provides a centralized platform to store, manage, and monitor regulatory requirements, risk assessments, and policies. It streamlines workflows, automates reporting, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

When looking for GRC software, look for features such as risk assessment tools, policy management, regulatory compliance tracking, audit management, and incident management. Also, consider features such as automated reporting, real-time data analytics, and customizable workflows to ensure that the software meets your organization's specific needs.

GRC software can help your company improve compliance, mitigate risks, and enhance governance. It can reduce the likelihood of regulatory violations and fines, improve operational efficiency, and increase transparency. It can also help your organization align with industry best practices and standards, enhancing your reputation.

There are several GRC software options available, including RSA Archer, SAP GRC, MetricStream, and IBM OpenPages. The best option for your organization will depend on your specific needs, size, and budget. It is recommended to evaluate multiple options before selecting one.

There are several free GRC software alternatives available, such as OpenGRC, Risk Management Studio, and GRC Suite. While these options may not have all the features of paid options, they can still provide basic risk management and compliance tracking capabilities. It is recommended to evaluate these options before investing in a paid solution.