ManageEngine ADManager Plus: in summary

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a unified management and reporting solution for Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google Workspace. It provides capabilities to provision, manage, and deprovision user accounts through their life cycle. The solution offers more than 200 out-of-the-box, actionable reports that fetch vital data across multiple platforms. With its help desk delegation capability, admins can define roles and delegate tasks securely to non-admin users. Other capabilities of ADManager Plus include file permissions management, automated stale account cleanup, GPO management, and customizable workflows. Admins can also manage Active Directory on the go with iOS and Android apps.

Features of ADManager Plus

1. Pre-built reports: 

ADManager Plus provides a wide range of pre-built reports to help administrators gain insight into their AD infrastructure. Reports cover various areas such as user accounts, group memberships, password policies, and more.

2. Custom report designer:

The software's report designer tool enables administrators to create custom reports based on specific criteria to gain more specific information about their AD environment.

3. Automation:

ADManager Plus enables administrators to automate routine AD management tasks, including user provisioning and deprovisioning, group membership management, and more. Automation rules can be configured based on criteria such as OU membership, user attributes, and group membership.

4. Compliance:

ADManager Plus helps administrators ensure compliance with various regulations and policies, including HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR. The software provides reports and features to help administrators monitor and enforce password policies, manage inactive accounts, and more.

5. Group management:

ADManager Plus provides a streamlined approach to group management, enabling administrators to create, modify, and delete groups in bulk, add or remove members, and manage group attributes such as scope, type, and membership.

6. OU management:

The software allows administrators to create, modify, and delete OUs, move objects between OUs, and manage attributes such as GPOs and delegation.

What are some of the important capabilities of ADManager Plus?

  • 360-degree user provisioning and deprovisioning for AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace simultaneously.

  • Over 200 prepackaged reports with built-in management actions.

  • Automation and orchestration for automating complex and advanced AD operations.

  • Reset passwords, unlock user accounts, and create custom reports in bulk, all without PowerShell scripts.

  • Incremental backups and granular restoration of AD.

  • File server management and reporting for Windows, NetApp, and Isilon servers.

  • Approval-based workflows and audit reports for delegated tasks.


  • Simple and quick installation

  • Easy to use

  • Rich identity and access management capabilities

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Free 24/5 customer support and competitive pricing

Overall, ADManager Plus offers a comprehensive set of features that enable IT administrators to efficiently manage their AD infrastructure, automate routine tasks, ensure compliance, and improve overall efficiency.

Its benefits

Customizable dashboard

Free for 100 domain objects

Integration with ITSM and SIEM applications

ManageEngine ADManager Plus - Screenshot 1
ManageEngine ADManager Plus - Screenshot 1
ManageEngine ADManager Plus - Screenshot 1
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ManageEngine ADManager Plus: its rates

/year /unlimited users
/year /unlimited users

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