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Project management software is an organizational and planning tool that allows you to plan missions and tasks for a given project as well as to organize resources within time and budget constraints.

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What is a Project Management Tool?


Project Management Software is a management tool dedicated to planning the tasks associated with projects according to time, resources, and cost constraints. It is used to organize teamwork according to the work methodology adopted by the team.

How Does it Work?

Project management software is designed around one or more work methodologies (Agile Scrum, PMBOK, Prince 2, Critical Path, PERT, etc.). It thus provides a framework for executing and monitoring the life cycle of a project under the right conditions. Project management tools are designed to increase the productivity of the project team by simplifying and automating work processes.

Most modern tools are also powerful collaborative solutions that create synergy between project stakeholders (project manager, engineers, customer, etc.).

What are the Features of Project Management Tools?

Project management software offers functionalities that range from simple task managers to project portfolio management software packages:

  • Task management: creation, assignment, and tracking of tasks
  • Time management: time estimation and timesheet to control the time spent on a project or set of tasks
  • Gantt chart: a graph to monitor and anticipate the progress of the project. Visualization of milestones
  • Planning and monitoring of activities: divide the project into several stages, coordinate the tasks assigned, set a timeline, etc.
  • Cost control: purchase of equipment, human resources budget, alerts on the risk of budget drift
  • Collaboration and information flow management: data sharing, tracking summary, possible alerts etc.
  • Dashboard and reporting to manage project monitoring
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Invoicing of a project, an assignment, or time spent with a client
  • Management of the workload plan
  • Document management: document sharing on a single web interface to centralize files
  • Roadmap: list of deliveries planned over time
  • Project workflow management

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Who are the Project Management Solutions Intended For?

The project management tool allows you to manage deadlines and accurately track budgets. Each participant has access to the information he or she needs to carry out the mission entrusted to him or her. Detailed invoicing, accounting, stock management, and progress of the procedures are presented to you in a few clicks. The project management software is therefore suitable for any type of VSE/SME:

Companies working in project mode

Any company can work in project mode to be more agile in its organization. Agility makes it possible to empower all employees and enable the company to adapt quickly to the changes it faces. In this case, collaborative task management tools or simple planning tools are sufficient to organize the workload in teams.

Organize your team's work by facilitating folder exchanges and using remote messaging tools. Project management software provides you with centralized information, optimal document management, and quick access to dashboards and reporting. Planning management and task management are also very useful.

IT Services Company: IT Project Management

Project management software allows IT consulting firms to effectively manage the development process and guarantee delivery times to customers. It allows the company to ensure advanced technical quality and to react quickly to malfunctions.

Internal Project Management

Many companies are embarking on online project management by working remotely with several employees. This is the purpose of the web project management tool or SaaS. This strategic tool is ideal for the project manager for project portfolio management, resource management, and real-time monitoring of internal projects.

What are the Benefits of Using Project Management Software?

The project management tool coupled with the Agile methodology is a real asset to your organization. Here are some advanced features and modules that will become essential to your daily life:


  • Time-saving: Fast access to information and documents
  • Access to the Gantt Chart: A tool that facilitates project management by allowing you to visualize different stages and milestones of the project over time.
  • Accurate reporting: All employees have access to these reports to track the organization or financial data.
  • Possibility to connect from different devices: You can consult your project management software from your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. The software updates on all devices at the same time.
  • A collaborative workspace: Easily and quickly exchange with all parties involved rather than multiple emails. Optimize your productivity with online collaborative project management.
  • Secure storage space: Place files on your storage space so that everyone involved in your project can access them safely.
  • Risk management: Budget deviations or delays in the deadlines.
  • Large storage space for all files and attachments
  • Quickly assign tasks between colleagues


  • Many project management software programs are actually task managers
  • Completion of a project management course is an essential prerequisite
  • Deploying a new tool can be complex

How to Choose a Project Management Software?

Some software is only available for download, others are available in SaaS mode (web applications). Excel is not recommended (unsuitable).


  • Integration: synchronization with Dropbox, Google Drive, CRM, accounting software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), inventory management, and other office software (Microsoft Office)
  • SaaS (Full Web) or on Premise mode (Windows, Mac OS)
  • Ergonomics: simplicity, intuitive interface (avoid gas factory)

Free Project Management Software and Open Source Software

  • Redmine: an Open Source software developed in Ruby with a MySQL database
  • Asana: free task management for the first edition (ideal for auto entrepreneurs and startups)
  • Trello: Kanban view

Paid Project Management Software

Project Management software according to your needs

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