Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

In companies, Project Portfolio Management requires planning tools to ensure their position in the market. In order to achieve the objectives they have set themselves, managers must use a PPM tool.

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Operations Management
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Association Management
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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Project Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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Stock Management
Field Service Management
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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
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Professional Services Automation (PSA)
Online Voting
Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Inventory Control
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Inventory Management
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Equipment Maintenance
Product roadmap
Property management
Business Performance Management (BPM)
Maintenance Management
Work Order
Business Plan
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Our selection of 20 project portfolio management (ppm) software

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Paid version from $9.80 /month

Streamline project workflows, track progress, and collaborate in real-time with this cloud-based software.

With customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, and time tracking features, this project management software helps teams stay on top of deadlines and budgets. Plus, integrations with popular tools like Salesforce and Slack make it easy to centralize all your work in one place.

Read our analysis about Wrike Benefits of Wrike

Streamlined project management and team collaboration

Customizable workflows and project templates

User-friendly interface and ease of adoption

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Streamline project management with PPM software. Track progress, manage resources and prioritize tasks with ease. Boost productivity and ROI.

Project Monitor's PPM software offers real-time insights into project performance, resource utilization and risk management. Powerful reporting tools and custom dashboards keep teams informed and on track.

Read our analysis about Project Monitor Benefits of Project Monitor

Functional spectrum: Gantt, resource, budget, risk, etc.

An ease of setting with full web administration

For all your trades: CIO, R&D, PMO, Finance, etc.

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Paid version from €8.00 /month

Streamline project management with intuitive and customizable software. Collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients.

Easily track progress, set deadlines, assign tasks, and monitor budgets. Access real-time updates and analytics to optimize workflows and boost productivity.

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Easy collaboration across your organization and bridge silos

Quick setup with no training required

Supports sharper data-driven decision-making

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Paid version from €4.00 /month

Streamline your projects with powerful tools for planning, tracking, and collaboration. Stay on top of deadlines and budgets with ease.

Zoho Projects offers an all-in-one solution for project management, including Gantt charts, task lists, time tracking, and team communication. With customizable workflows and integrations with popular apps, you can tailor the software to fit your unique needs. Plus, with mobile apps and cloud-based access, you can manage your projects from anywhere.

Read our analysis about Zoho Projects Benefits of Zoho Projects

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

Real-time collaboration for teams

Integration with other Zoho applications and third-party apps

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Paid version from $10.00 /month

Streamline your project management with software that offers task assignments, timelines, and real-time communication.

With this software, you can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress through timelines. The platform also offers real-time communication features such as chat and comments, making it easy to collaborate with team members.

Read our analysis about Teamwork Benefits of Teamwork

Project planning and management

Task management and collaboration

Time tracking and reporting

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Paid version from €4.00 /month

Streamline project management with intuitive tools that keep your team on track and on budget.

RationalPlan simplifies complex projects with easy-to-use Gantt charts, resource management, and time tracking. Collaborate with team members and stakeholders in real-time, and generate detailed reports to keep everyone informed.

Read our analysis about RationalPlan Benefits of RationalPlan

Strong scheduling engine that follows the PMI guidelines

Offers an embedded project guide

Work online or offline

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Paid version from €10.00 /month

Manage multiple projects with ease using this PPM software. Monitor progress, track resources, and optimize allocation for better results.

With this software, you can create project plans, allocate resources, and track progress across multiple projects. The software's intuitive interface and comprehensive reporting tools help you make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Read our analysis about Triskell Software
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Paid version from €18.00 /month

Efficiently manage your projects with PPM software that streamlines workflows, tracks budgets, and optimizes resource allocation.

"With SuitePro-G by IQar, you can easily track project progress and identify potential issues with real-time data. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy collaboration and communication among team members, while its customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of project status.

Read our analysis about SuitePro-G Benefits of SuitePro-G

Ready to deploy - Easy to use

Comprehensive and innovative functional coverage

Connected to other applications (Teams, Outlook, etc.)

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Paid version from €10.00 /month

Streamline project management and increase productivity with intuitive PPM software.

Sciforma's easy-to-use platform allows for efficient project planning, resource allocation, and real-time monitoring. With customizable dashboards and reporting, teams can stay on track and achieve better results.

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Paid version from €18.00 /month

Streamline project management with powerful PPM software. Track progress, assign tasks, and manage resources efficiently.

FoxPlan's PPM software offers a comprehensive solution for project management. With intuitive dashboards, real-time tracking, and resource allocation tools, you can optimize your workflow and improve project outcomes.

Read our analysis about FoxPlan Benefits of FoxPlan

Immediate start

Free Version

Proximity to the product team

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline project management and increase productivity with this PPM software. Collaborate, track progress, and manage resources all in one place.

ITM Platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing project portfolios. With tools for planning, budgeting, and risk management, as well as real-time progress tracking and resource allocation, teams can stay on top of their projects and make data-driven decisions.

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Paid version from €10.50 /month

Streamline project management with intuitive software that provides real-time updates, customizable dashboards, and robust reporting.

With our PPM software, track project progress, manage resources, and prioritize tasks with ease. Get a comprehensive view of your projects and make informed decisions with our powerful analytics tools.

Read our analysis about Gouti Benefits of Gouti

Multi functional



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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €12.00 /month

Streamline project management with an intuitive platform that improves team collaboration, task delegation, and progress tracking.

Planzone's PPM software offers a centralized dashboard for real-time monitoring, customizable workflows, and resource allocation tools that optimize project performance. With Planzone, teams can easily communicate and coordinate tasks while managers gain visibility into project status and potential roadblocks.

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Streamline your project management with a powerful PPM software that offers real-time visibility, collaboration tools and customizable workflows.

Clarizen's PPM software allows you to track project progress, manage resources, and optimize workflows with ease. With its intuitive interface, you can easily visualize project timelines, allocate resources, and collaborate with team members. The software also offers custom fields and forms to fit your specific needs.

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Paid version from €40.00 /month

Boost project performance with PPM software. Track progress, allocate resources, and manage budgets easily.

With PPM software, you can streamline project management by assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and allocating resources efficiently. Stay on top of deadlines and budgets with ease.

Read our analysis about z0 Gravity Benefits of z0 Gravity

A comprehensive view of all your projects, in real time

An effortless adaptation to your company’s ecosystem

A tailor-made solution to customer approach

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Pricing on request

A PPM software that streamlines project management, resource allocation and reporting, ensuring efficient execution of projects.

With intuitive dashboards and customizable workflows, the software allows for real-time tracking of project progress, resource utilization and financials. Its ability to integrate with other systems makes it a versatile tool for managing complex portfolios.

Read our analysis about Planisware Orchestra
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Pricing on request

Comprehensive PPM software for effective project management with advanced reporting and resource allocation tools.

CA Clarity PPM streamlines project management by providing a centralized platform for planning, tracking, and executing projects. Its customizable dashboards and reports enable stakeholders to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions. The software's resource allocation tools optimize workforce utilization and reduce project costs.

Read our analysis about CA Clarity PPM Benefits of CA Clarity PPM

Modern and intuitive platform

Detailed native reporting that can be exported to Excel

Easy-integration into your information system

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Pricing on request

Streamline project management with PPM software that optimizes resource allocation, budgeting, and reporting.

KeyedIn Projects helps organizations manage their project portfolios more efficiently by providing real-time visibility into project status and resource availability. The software automates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with project management, such as budgeting and reporting, freeing up project managers to focus on more strategic activities.

Read our analysis about KeyedIn Projects Benefits of KeyedIn Projects

Centralize projects, including tasks, resources & reports

Adapts to your project management methods

Rich planning & tracking features

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Efficiently manage and prioritize projects with advanced tools for tracking progress and resource allocation. Streamline decision-making with real-time data analysis.

"Planisware Enterprise offers a comprehensive solution for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with features like portfolio optimization, risk management, and resource planning. Its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards make it easy to monitor project progress and adjust plans as needed.

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Streamline project management and optimize resources with powerful PPM software.

Planview's project portfolio management software allows you to visualize your projects, track progress, manage budgets, and allocate resources efficiently. With real-time data and customizable dashboards, you can make informed decisions and stay on top of your projects.

Read our analysis about Planview Benefits of Planview

User PowerBI to analyze your information

A wide range of possible interfaces

GDPR Certifications

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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software: purchase guide

What is an Online Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool?


Online Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools have been developed to make project management processes practical and efficient. It is a solution that can accelerate and improve the monitoring of all projects conducted by a company. These management tools give users all the means to collect, categorize and prioritize their ideas.

How does it work?

In general, a PPM tool allows you to efficiently manage simultaneous projects. This management requires the execution of various tasks.

Using these tools will allow you to perform all these activities easily and quickly. This type of application integrates programs that will automate the majority of tasks under the responsibility of administrators.

Online applications offer essential modules dedicated to optimizing a company's portfolio and correlating them with project planning and execution. The goal is to meet deadlines while ensuring that projects are launched on time and on budget.

What are the main functionalities of a PPM SaaS tool?

Managing a strategic plan requires a good tool to optimize the capacities of resources and to ensure the running of the company. For this, a PPM tool must include few functionalities.

Activities Management

Planning the activities that will ensure the implementation of several projects can become a tedious task. Using a PPM tool will allow project managers to easily manage their activities thanks to a friendly-user detailed plan. This plan usually includes the necessary attributes and assignments for each project.

This functionality allows the manager to better manage what to do first so that the most important projects are the first to be carried out. It also avoids neglecting the others in progress.

Cost Management

Using a PPM tool helps to strengthen the financial organization. It provides complete and transparent visibility of the expenses necessary to carry out a project. It also provides good visibility of possible constraints and additional costs (in the worst case). This will allow the user to evaluate the financial situation of the company and to take decisions.

Performance analysis

Gaining a detailed view of the state of a portfolio is an effective way to manage project planning. With an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard, all key indicators will be made available to managers to analyze the feasibility of projects.

Who should use an online PPM tool?

All companies that need to manage a project portfolio can use this type of solution. Whether a small structure or a large firm, regardless of size or even sector of activity. Using a PPM tool provides a clear roadmap and therefore well-formulated projects.

Why use an online PPM tool in your company?


  • A PPM tool allows classifying projects according to their importance
  • The use of this kind of software allows you to manage different projects at the same time
  • The company's resources can be optimized thanks to essential functionalities
  • It facilitates decision-making on whether or not the project is feasible.
  • It significantly reduces the risk of deficit
  • Communication between teams becomes easier
  • It allows foreseeing future needs


Few free PPM tools satisfy companies due to a considerable lack of functionality.

How to choose an online PPM tool?

PPM tools each have their own properties. These few important points should therefore be taken into account before choosing the right tool.

  • According to the needs of the company: the choice of a PPM tool depends above all on the company's objectives. Managers must determine their projects in advance in order to find a tool capable of meeting their technical and functional needs.
  • According to the dispersion of information: project portfolio management is generally done in teams, so a collaborative tool is recommended. Progress can then be monitored from several locations simultaneously. This type of tool allows data to be shared so that everyone on the project can track it.
  • Depending on costs: using this type of tool should reduce expenses in the realization of the company's projects. In this sense, it is advisable to calculate the cost of the subscription before investing, otherwise, you may exceed your budget. In other words, the support of the tool, its maintenance, and updating often require separate pricing.

The best free and open source PPM tools

  • Redmine
  • Artemis

The best known professional PPM tools

For small businesses

  • PowerSterring
  • Bubble Innovator
  • Genius Project
  • ServiceNow

For SMEs

  • Planisware
  • 4c Portfolio Manager
  • Kantree

Project Portfolio Management is a sensitive task for a company. This is why it is essential to use a high-performance tool that meets its real needs.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) softwares: Q&A

PPM software helps to manage multiple projects by providing a centralized platform to track project progress, resource allocation, and budgeting. It allows you to prioritize projects, assess risks, and forecast project outcomes.

Look for features that provide project tracking, resource management, budgeting, and reporting. Features like customizable dashboards, project templates, and integrations with other tools can also be useful. Make sure the software aligns with your business goals and team’s workflow.

PPM software helps to optimize project portfolios, leading to better decision-making, increased efficiency, and improved collaboration among team members. It also helps to mitigate risks, maximize resources, and ensure projects align with business objectives.

Some of the best PPM software options include Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, and Atlassian Jira Align. Each of these has unique features and benefits, so it's important to evaluate them based on your company's specific needs.

Some free PPM software alternatives include Trello, Asana, and Wrike. These tools offer basic project management features and can be useful for small teams or startups with limited budgets. However, they may not offer the same level of functionality as paid options.