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Master Your Workforce Management with Shiftbase

Introducing Shiftbase, your cloud-based partner for employee scheduling and time tracking. Designed to propel businesses in streamlining their workforce management processes, Shiftbase is your one-stop solution packed with a multitude of features. This ingenious software gives you the power to create and distribute employee schedules, monitor time and attendance, and manage time-off requests seamlessly. All this power is also wrapped into a mobile app that lets your employees stay connected on the go. And the icing on the cake? It offers payroll integration, scheduling optimization tools, and supports multiple languages and time zones.

Power-Packed Features of Shiftbase

Real-Time Scheduling

With Shiftbase, scheduling is a breeze. Managers can roll out schedules in real-time, providing employees with access to the most current schedule information. The built-in schedule optimization tools make it easier to set shift assignment rules and fill open shifts effortlessly.

Precise Time Tracking

Shiftbase brings to you a mobile-friendly time tracking system. Now, employees can clock in and out using the mobile app. What's more, it keeps a record of hours worked which can be used to calculate pay and create insightful reports on attendance and productivity.

Efficient Time-off Management

Say goodbye to traditional time-off management. With Shiftbase, employees can request time-off via the mobile app. Managers are equipped with tools to approve or deny these requests with ease. Also, the platform keeps track of time-off balances and sends alerts when balances are running low.

Hassle-free Payroll Integration

Shiftbase's seamless integration with payroll systems ensures smooth processing of payroll and management of employee pay. It's time to bid farewell to complicated payroll calculations.

Employee-Friendly Mobile App

Stay connected with your team anytime, anywhere with the Shiftbase mobile app. Whether it's about checking schedules or requesting time off, employees can do it all from their smartphones. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Global Reach with Multiple Language and Time Zone Support

Designed with global businesses in mind, Shiftbase supports multiple languages and time zones. It's truly your workforce management companion, no matter where you are in the world.

Tailored Pricing Plans

Shiftbase offers a free plan for up to 75 employees, packed with great features like customer support, team diversity, app usage, and more. Need more? Step up with the Starter Pack at £2.80 per user, per month, or go all in with the Premium Pack at £3.70 per user, per month. Choose the plan that suits your business needs the best!

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