Media4Display: in summary

Media4Display, the digital signage software by Telelogos, empowers you to create, manage, and broadcast your multimedia content on screens anywhere they may be.

Simplified Content Management
Import or create content effortlessly using our user-friendly editor. Schedule their display on one or multiple screens in the blink of an eye.

Powerful Features

  • Customized Targeting: Create screen groups based on your criteria, from location to resolution.
  • Customizable Sequences: Craft lists of media to broadcast in sequences, overlaying logos and images.
  • Smart Scheduling: Define precise moments for broadcast.
  • Intuitive Interface: Manage easily from any web browser.
  • DOOH Monetization: Maximize your digital signage screens with our campaign module.
  • Decentralized Management: Delegate management to local contributors, in part or entirely.
  • Multi-Screen Synchronization: Harmonize playback on different screens.
  • External Data Sources: Enhance your content with external data, such as XLS files or business applications.
  • Custom API: Automate broadcasting based on events.

Streamlined Digital Signage
Media4Display simplifies the creation, targeting, management, and control of digital signage content. Benefit from an intuitive interface to:

  • Import and organize media in our CMS media library.
  • Create templates for efficient use.
  • Craft unique visuals, from text to business data.
  • Broadcast web pages, video feeds, or widgets.
  • Arrange customized sequences with transitions and durations tailored to your organization.

Choose Media4Display, the digital signage software that streamlines content management, enhances your visibility, and provides integrated device management.

Its benefits

Native Device Management

Intuitive Interface : Creation, Targeting and Planning


External Data Sources

SaaS or On-Premise

Media4Display - Media4Display - Digital Signage Software
Media4Display - Video 1
Media4Display - Media assembling (photos, vidéos, texts, data sources, RSS, streams...)
Media4Display - Broadcasting planning
Media4Display - Home page and analytics

Media4Display: its rates and features

On demand
Application Settings
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Management of Rights
Content Management
Adding and Removing Content
Text Manager
Data Asset Management
Media Management

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