Interactiv' Publisher: Have you ever heard about Easycatalog ?

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Make catalog creation automated and keep a constant link between catalog, data and website!

Interactiv' Publisher (EasyCatalog) deployment requires no significant investment in computer hardware and software.

This tool guarantees results and an immediate return on investment. Graphic designers easily take control of this InDesign plug-in because Interactiv' Publisher is fully integrated with its favorite tool.

Interactiv' Publisher (EasyCatalog) will allow you to layout in InDesign catalogs, data sheets, technical data from structured data from Excel, CSV, XML feed or directly from databases such as PIM, ERP or other.

Changes and updates will be made directly from the data as they become validated by graphic designers.

Editor: Interactiv' Technologies

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Application Customization
Software Layout & Themes
Document Management
Automatic Document Classification Based on bar codes, patch codes, OCR areas and blank pages
Automatic Layout Recognition
Cross-Device Sync
Document Annotation
Document Library
Document Mass Printing
Document Synchronization
Document Templates
Document Versions
Electronic Signature
Real-time editing with teammates
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Word Processing Documents Editor

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