Babbler: A new tool for your public relations

Simplify your relationship with journalists.

Babbler is a new tool that allows all PR professionals to interact easily with journalists in their sector.

Our platform allows you to create, animate and engage your media communities in a single dedicated space!

With Babbler, you can:

organize your media contacts in groups
measure your results and share your balance sheets in real time
target the influencers that interest you with our matching system
instantly broadcast all your news, images, videos, events, etc.
Be notified as soon as a journalist visits or downloads your content.

Editor: Babbler

Babbler demo and screenshots

Simplifiez vos relations média avec un outil nouvelle génération ! Babbler-screenshot-0 Babbler-screenshot-1 Babbler-screenshot-2 Babbler-screenshot-3 Babbler-screenshot-4

Babbler customers

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Babbler pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

149 /month
399 /month
549 /month

+ frais de mise en service : 99€

+ frais de mise en service : 199€

+ frais de mise en service : 149€


Notifications Email, sms, pop-up window to inform someone the an action is done
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