SMSFactor: SMS platform for marketing and alerts SMS sendings.

Thanks to SMSFactor you can send your SMS campaigns quickly, easily, and securely. The SMS adapts itself to all business sectors, it will be adapted to your needs as long as you are seeking to an effective communication tool.

Our main services:

  • Marketing SMS: it allows to send offers and promotions to your customers and prospects. This type of SMS is very effective!
  • SMS Alerts: thanks to the SMS alerts you can easily communicate internally, send appointment reminders or inform your customers. The SMS alert is a management tool.
  • SMS API: our SMS API allows to integrate SMS sendings directly into your website or software. It will allow you to manage yourself your SMS sending’s.

Innovation is one of our central values, this is why we created several innovative modules using SMS:
- Mail to SMS which allows the sending of SMS directly from a mail box
- A module of appointment reminders by SMS 
- A module to vote by SMS in real time...
- Several other modules that you can find directly on our website!
Taking care of our customers is another main value of our company. It’s by accompanying them and taking into account their notices and their needs that SMSFactor knew how to adapt itself to the evolutions of the communication market which is in constant evolution

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Strengths of SMSFactor

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SMSFactor pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Pack 1 (1000 SMS)
Pack 2 (2500 SMS)
Pack 3 (5000 SMS)
Pack 4 (10000 SMS)
Pack 5 (50000 SMS)
65 once /user
152.5 once /user
295 once /user
550 once /user
2450 once /user

Les prix correspondent à des envois de SMS en France.

Les prix correspondent à des envois de SMS en France.

Les prix correspondent à des envois de SMS en France.

Les prix correspondent à des envois de SMS en France.

Les prix correspondent à des envois de SMS en France.


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