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Online Marketing Tools

All the essential marketing tools for your business in one place.
For free.

Create short links and track clicks (

Transform your URLs into customised short links
and gather analytical data about all your clicks.

Create micro landing pages (

Create small landing pages with multiple links in seconds.
For example for your Instagram biography or as a simple portfolio website.

Audit and sort Instagram accounts

Collect meaningful data about your favourite Influencers and group them
after your or your client's needs.

Analyze and sort Instagram hashtags

Group and analyze Instagram hashtags and find related ones for your posts.

Personalize your domains

Replace “” and “” with your own domain names
and customise all of your URLs just like you want to.

But wait, there's more!

Facebook Interest Browser, Reach Calculator, UTM Generator & QR Code Generator

Explore all our features, and beat the algorithm.

Advantages of Neontools

  • essential marketing tools in one place
  • free to use platform
  • time and money saving solution
Information on Neontools
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Data stored in the following countries: Luxembourg
List of the available languages: English
Neontools home dashboard.
Analytics example of your engagement. (micor landing-page) editing tab.
Example of an micro-landingpage 1
Example of an micro-landingpage 2
Interface of the URL-shortener.
Social Audit dashboard to create influencer collections and analyze accounts.
Example of an influencer/account collection

Prices and features of Neontools



Activity Monitoring
Recommendation & Decisions

Application Settings

Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)


Competitors Marketing Activity
Social Media Monitoring

Data Asset Management

Audience targeting (Lookalike)
+ 4 other features

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