Livestorm: Simple yet powerful video communication tool

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Livestorm is a video communication platform that makes it easy for companies to create great video communication strategies. 

Any marketing, sales, customer success, or HR team can use Livestorm to easily create online events. Livestorm is highly adaptable and can do any event from From meetings, webinars, conferences, online training courses, podcast interviews, or product demos.

Livestorm is a browser-based platform that lets teams organize their online events in one place, from any device they want. Livestorm provides all of the tools needed to:

  • Create custom landing pages
  • Send promotional emails and reminders
  • Host engaging online events with integrated chat, polls, and Q&A functionalities
  • Analyze event performance through an advanced analytics dashboard

Livestorm is one software for all of your corporate video communication. It’s that simple!

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Strengths of Livestorm

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Analytics and insight Browser based webinars and meetings Support Participation reports Polls, chats, questions Automated recordings

Livestorm customers

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Livestorm pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

89 /month


Activity Monitoring
Data Source Blending
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Waterfall Chart
Screen Sharing
Full HD Video
Group Chat
Live User Status
Video Conference
Video Conference Audio and video calls with two or more people
VoIP Calls Phone conversations
Content Management
Adding and Removing Content
Participant Follow-up
Public Webinars
Webinar Hosting
Webinar Metrics
Webinar Registration Management


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

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