Armony Forms: in summary

Improving and optimizing processes requires the collection and efficient sharing of data. ARMONY Forms allows you to deploy input forms and workflows for managing your data and reports.

ARMONY Forms allows you to create forms and workflows very quickly, allowing businesses to regain control of the management and circulation of informations.

On ARMONY Solution, the Forms module enriches your application system by providing simplicity and efficiency in solving your complex problems without specific development.

With Armony Forms :

  • Make fields from different applications available on the same screen
  • Choose the types of fields and controls for input, table mode, or simple form
  • Generate screens from a table allowing the creation, modification, update of data
  • Link several forms according to control and management rules
  • Use a form, questionnaire, and workflow creation wizard
  • Add functionalities and interactions to your applications without specific development

Furthermore ...


  • Accessible from any device (responsive mode) and a web browser
  • Add fields from your applications, database, Excel file, etc.
  • Create label, text, combo box, check box, date type fields
  • Display pdf, HTML, image files
  • Customize the form: Title, Logo, Image, Style, Color, …
  • Add the values ​​from the data of your applications
  • Update your applications from a form
  • Several data sources can add or can be added by a form
  • Transfer data between forms and link an entry process


  • Quickly and easily set up cross-functional workflows
  • Break down and link the steps of a process
  • Add action sequences between forms, non-native steps in your applications
  • Trigger tasks between forms: processing, sending email,
  • Capture or transmit data to the right place at the right time
  • Add and follow task lists from the workflow


  • Capture additional data, store it, share it
  • Create a form from a table
  • Review and display data from the DataStore
  • Mix DataStore Armony and data storage in your applications
  • Keep and consult the history of entering and modifying your data
  • Synchronize DataStore data with your databases and applications

Access security

  • Access to data from an internal browser or an email with secure access
  • When opening a form, trigger a connection-token
  • Only the token trigger can access the form and associated data
  • Connection to the form from an email is checked on the token generated by the form
  • Check external connections based on tokens

Armony Forms: its rates

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