Avokaado: in summary

Avokaado is a versatile contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform designed to simplify and automate the contract management process for businesses of all sizes. Targeting legal, HR, sales, and procurement teams, Avokaado stands out for its ease of contract automation, advanced collaboration features, and comprehensive contract storage and management capabilities. It's particularly beneficial for industries like hospitality, technology, finance, and healthcare.

What are the main features of Avokaado?

Contract Automation

Avokaado excels in contract automation, offering a no-code, clause-based environment that allows businesses to create and manage contract templates with ease. This feature is especially useful for standardizing contracts across the company, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Clause-based contract automation for ease of use
  • Dynamic variables and conditional clauses for flexibility in contract creation
  • Native multilingual support to cater to a global audience

Advanced Collaboration

The platform provides tools for seamless collaboration, enabling team members and third parties to negotiate terms, add approvers, and sign documents, all within a secure workspace. This feature enhances the contract lifecycle management process by streamlining communication and decision-making.

  • Built-in negotiation and collaboration tools for effective teamwork
  • Approving and signing workflows to maintain control over the contract process
  • Full activity report to keep track of all changes and interactions

Electronic Signatures

With Avokaado, electronic signing of contracts is straightforward and legally binding, thanks to its integration with qualified electronic signatures providers like Dokobit and SignNow. This feature ensures secure and compliant signing processes, critical for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Built-in Dokobit and SignNow support for secure electronic signatures
  • Globally compliant to meet various legal requirements
  • Unlimited signatures with every Avokaado workspace for convenience

Storage and Management

Avokaado offers a comprehensive solution for contract storage and management. Its system allows for easy organization of contracts with folders and tags, facilitating access and management across different business units.

  • Organize storage across business units for better management
  • Manage documents and folders access to maintain confidentiality
  • Re-use data and bulk edit documents for increased efficiency

Connected Contracts

This feature allows Avokaado to integrate seamlessly with external systems such as Salesforce, Google Drive, and HRIS like BambooHR, enhancing the functionality and accessibility of the contracting process.

  • HRIS integrations like Persona and BambooHR for HR management
  • CRM integrations such as Salesforce and Pipedrive for sales optimization
  • Rest-API availability to connect with any system within an organization

In summary, Avokaado is a comprehensive, user-friendly CLM platform that addresses the diverse needs of modern businesses, offering solutions that range from contract creation and negotiation to electronic signing and robust contract management.

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