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Modernised maintenance software for companies

The Fiix solution is a computerized maintenance management system that is designed to help maintenance teams organize their work and be able to interconnect with other businesses to take decisions. The Fiix solution is available in Saas mode which means that its installation is simplified. 

Using Fiix makes it possible to carry out many team modernization functions. First of all it allows to greatly modernize the monitoring and storage of information. All the important resources can be imported from CSV files, Excel or from other maintenance software. The solution can easily extract information from other software such as Netsuite for example.

The solution gives the possibility to track and assign work assignments. Its scalability allows it to evolve  with complete peace of mind. Fiix also has a mobile application. This allows users to follow their work orders on the move in order to increase their productivity.

A platform with multiple uses

The solution is available in multiple versions to adapt to the structure of the company. There is a "basic" version designed for small teams or companies. Then there is the "Professional" version designed for larger teams. Finally the "Enterprise" version offers all the advanced features and is customizable. There is also a "Lite" version which is designed to discover the main features of the software. 

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