Eballot: in summary

eBallot has been a reliable choice for Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations for over 20 years, offering a sophisticated online voting platform. This system is designed to modernize and streamline decision-making processes, providing secure and auditable elections that focus on results rather than the complexity of the voting process.

What are the main features of eBallot?

Flexible Voting Options

eBallot offers various voting methods to accommodate different organizational needs. This includes anonymous voting, weighted voting, proxy voting, and options for meetings and events. The platform is designed to meet the specific voting requirements of each organization, ensuring a personalized experience.

Seamless and Secure Voting Experience

With eBallot, organizations can run online elections smoothly, ensuring security and reliability. The platform prevents double voting and other forms of vote manipulation, offering immediate results and in-depth voter analytics. This ensures the integrity of every vote cast.

Web-Based Platform for Easy Access

The web app-based platform of eBallot allows voters to participate from any device without the need for downloading a separate application. This enhances accessibility and convenience, making it easier for voters to participate from anywhere.

Enterprise-Level Software and Services

eBallot is designed for both large and small-scale voting events, providing enterprise-level software and services. The platform is tailored to run secure, auditable elections, allowing organizations to focus on results rather than the voting process.

Customer Support and Consultation Services

eBallot provides tailored customer support to ensure the success of each voting event. This includes services like vote management and consulting, along with dedicated project managers for a comprehensive election management experience.

Subscription and Pricing Options

eBallot offers different subscription models such as eBallot Essential and eBallot for Business, catering to various organizational sizes and needs. The pricing plans are flexible, starting from monthly subscriptions for smaller voter groups to annual licenses for larger organizations.

In summary, eBallot presents a comprehensive and secure solution for organizations seeking to conduct online elections. Its versatility, combined with robust security features, makes it a go-to choice for entities looking to modernize their voting processes.

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