HarmonyPSA: Professional Services Automation Software


What is HarmonyPSA ?

HarmonyPSA is a software that helps companies in the professional services industry drive their clients' projects throughout the entire project lifecycle. The software provides scheduling, project management and performance measurement functions. It promotes business automation through its business process management.

What are HarmonyPSA's functionalities?

The platform is a cloud-based software package. It allows companies to manage the revenues and costs associated with each action and to have a performance analysis. It has the following features:

  • Creation of marketing campaigns and tracking of new prospects
  • Sales management with quotation tracking, and sales lifecycle tracking
  • Asset management on the platform
  • Management of recurring contracts and automation of invoice creation
  • Project planning with Gantt charts
  • Planning of time to be allocated to each task


  • cloud-based
  • revenue and cost management
  • better project lifecycle management

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