Cloudbeds Hospitality Software: in summary

Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds is the hospitality industry’s fastest-growing technology partner for independent properties worldwide, empowering 22,000+ properties across 157 countries with the award-winning Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform to grow revenue, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences.

With the help of the software Cloudbeds, you have a platform at your disposal to both profit and manage your lodgings. No matter if you work in the hotel industry, go camping, or even just rent out your own home sometimes.

A multi-functional, cloud-based platform called Cloudbeds boosts revenue for your business, streamlines duties and operations, and gives visitors a great stay.

Features of cloud beds include

System for Property Management

The property management system will help you save time on booking, check-in, and check-out procedures since it is simple to use and linked with the Cloudbeds platform.

This management system's main objective is to free up your time so you can concentrate on the crucial duties, including maintaining pleased clients.

With a simple drag and drop tool, you can manage bookings, change them, and cancel them. The reservation system's direct connection to the hotel inventory allows for automatic updates. By not overbooking, you prevent issues.

With all the property management system enables you to accomplish, you may stop doing repetitive tasks:

- Check-in and check-out of guests,
- 360° view on all your current, past and future reservations,
- Changes to your rates in one click,
- System and reservations and rates in sync with all your distribution channels.

Revenue Management System 

Your occupancy rate will increase and your income will be maximized with the aid of Cloudbeds' Revenue Management System.

You have access to an automatic revenue management solution that is completely customized with the Pricing Intelligence Engine. You have a clear advantage over your rivals with this functionality. Cloudbeds adjusts your pricing according on seasonality and demand to increase your income.

Your price may be manually changed for special events like holidays, long weekends, and special days even though it is automated.

Its benefits

  • Fully Integrated PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine & More
  • Cloud-based and User-friendly
  • 24/7 Support
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Cloudbeds Hospitality Software: its rates and features


On demand


Price Analytics

Billing & Invoicing

Billing Approvals/Validation
Fixed Price & Time-Based Billing

Connected Devices Management

Single Billing for all Consumption


Portal Customisation

Data Asset Management

Automated notifications
Omni-Channel Delivery
+ 5 other features

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