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The 9 best PMS on the market to manage your hotel like a pro

By Anna BenzaquenPublished: 9/12/22

There has never been more fierce competition between hotels and, on a worldwide scale, between lodging suppliers.

Due to the digitization of the travel industry and the entry of new competitors like Airbnb, it is more important than ever for hotels to increase efficiency and provide memorable guest experiences.

It becomes necessary to utilize the CRM hotel management system. Utilized by both independent and chain hotels, it enables a more automated and efficient administration of hotels by combining all essential front desk and back office operations into a single system.

But with so many options available on the market, picking the best PMS is not an easy feat. We've put together a thorough evaluation of the top 9 PMS programs to run your hotel like a pro!

What is a hotel CRM and how does CRM help the hotel industry?

A CRM for hotels or a PMS (Property Management System) is a set of hotel management software that handles all of a hotel's or apartment's operational needs.

It replaces operations on Excel spreadsheets or paper, which are both tiresome and time-consuming, and allows you to coordinate all hotel administration chores. This is a genuine core element to ensuring the smooth functioning of a hotel on a daily basis:

  • Reservations and overall planning: online reservations, cancellations, guest check-in and check-out, room availability, and general planning;
  • Invoicing: payment procedures, deposit deductibility, payments, etc.;
  • Yield management activities: applying special rates or discounts based on the season, the offer's seasonality, and room types;
  • Customer profile: safekeeping of customer information, history of bookings and swaps, reward programs, emailing campaigns, etc.;
  • Analytics: visible dashboards, in-depth reports, and important hotel metrics including ADR, occupancy, and RevPAR.

The CRM functions is like the control center for hotels; it is very adaptable, adapts to the expansion of your company, and gives you the ability to:

  • Control, direct, plan, and keep an eye on your hotel's activities;
  • Strengthen the bond between your suppliers and customers;
  • Automate time-consuming processes to enhance productivity and save time;
  • To improve the hotel's internal communication;
  • Enhance your judgment with real-time statistics reports.

The criteria for selecting a hotel sales software

Understanding and defining the requirements of your hotel will help you choose the best CRM. You will choose it based on the characteristics that will be relevant and valuable to you, taking into account the needs and goals that have been established.

Several fundamental requirements for the solution must be satisfied in order for you to pick your PMS software correctly:

  • The platform's reputation,
  • The usefulness and abundance of hotel management features,
  • Usefulness of the tool (ergonomics, graphics),
  • The PMS's compatibility with other management tools (CRM, ERP, etc.),
  • A trustworthy user rights management system to restrict access based on employee profiles,
  • A rate configuration module with management capabilities,
  • A module for managing reservations (cancellations, modifications, history, departure and arrival times, etc.),
  • Accounting and billing features.

But also more sophisticated standards:

- A yield management module to account for outside occurrences (such as weather, the season when a reservation is made, significant events that might affect the hotel's occupancy, etc.).

- A module for controlling marketing and communication activities, such as automated mailings on guests' stays, event management, newsletter distribution, control over online comments and reviews, loyalty programs, etc.

- Analytical tools for monitoring the effectiveness of the business's operations, including real-time reporting tools for monitoring reservation and occupancy rates and managing inventories.

Comparative table of the 9 best crm for hotels

🛠 Software 🧑‍💻 For who ? Price 💰 ✅ Key benefit
Amenitiz Hotel, guest house or concierge of any size Custom pricing on site All-in-one and modular solution
Cendyn All types and sizes of hotels Custom pricing on site The effective Booking Engine is user-friendly and aids in turning lookers into direct customers.
Clairvoyix Travel and leisure industry and other consumer markets Custom pricing on site A multitude of sales solutions are available for B2B marketing to assist hotel businesses.
Cloudbeds Hospitality Software Hotels, campgrounds, short-term properties Custom pricing on site Solution with a strong reputation and available in 7 languages
Guestware All types and sizes of hotels - Guestware Select: Starts at $112 per month for 50 rooms, gets cheaper when there are more rooms.

- Guestware Suite:

Starts at $200 per month for 50 rooms, gets cheaper when there are more rooms.

- Guestware Plus: Custom pricing on site.

Guestware advisor team is there to help when you need it
Hotelogix Independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts and apartments Custom pricing on site In partnership with TripAdvisor Review Express and many digital players
Little Hotelier B&Bs, inns, motels, guesthouses, vacation rentals, hostels, motels, pubs, cabins and camping accommodation On a monthly basis:

- up to 5 rooms: 99€

- up to 10 rooms: 109€

- up to 15 rooms: 129€

- up to 20 rooms: 154€

- up to 30 rooms: 184€

- up to 40 rooms: 204€

- up to 50 rooms: 229€

Custom pricing if there are more rooms

Little Hotelier is a centralized platform that allows you to control all aspects of your hotel from a single, effective center.
Mews All types and sizes of hotels Custom pricing on site Over 600 hotel solutions to integrate into your PMS
Revinate All types and sizes of hotels Custom pricing on site It links to the majority of third-party websites, has a contemporary, user-friendly interface design, and retrieves useful reports.

1. Amenitiz

    The promise of the software

    Amenitiz is a highly flexible, all-in-one hotel management system that streamlines the administration of accommodation establishments of various shapes and sizes. It provides you capabilities for Channel Management, site development and modification, payment methods, and much more in addition to the fundamental PMS functionality.

    The strengths of Cendyn

    • An internal reservation system that enables users to make reservations in a few of clicks;
    • A timetable that provides a comprehensive perspective of room availability to prevent overbooking and increase hotel occupancy;
    • An automated billing solution that is straightforward, secure, and capable of handling all client payment forms,
    • A collection of ready-to-use templates, an incredibly straightforward block management system for building customisable sites, etc.

    The little extra info

    More than 3,000 users across 5 continents use the platform.


    18 reviews

    All-in-one management for your facility
    Learn more about Amenitiz

    2. Cendyn

      The promise of the software

      Cendyn serves the hospitality industry, which means they can immerse themselves within it. Hospitality is the relationship between the host and guest. With them, they solve problems for their customers by delivering measurable results. They believe that through customer partnerships, they can push the boundaries of what is possible in their industry.

      The strengths of Cendyn

      • Cendyn's B2B Sales Automation solution makes sure that all client interactions may be easily recorded, from business accounts to travel agencies. Personalized automated, ad hoc, and score-based sales campaigns should be developed to target your business clients;
      • Pegasus Data Intelligence offers AI-driven, tailored business intelligence solutions. They use data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to give revolutionary business insights instantly;
      • You can edit, modify, and publish online menus for catering and events in real time with eMenus.

      The little extra info

      According to the World Travel Awards, Cendyn is the top provider of hotel CRM technology, a data-driven marketing agency, and a platform for hotel sales proposals worldwide. These honors were given to them in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


      Hospitality Property Software
      Learn more about Cendyn/One

      3. Clairvoyix

        The promise of the software

        Cost-effective marketing database now offered at any price is Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory. user-friendly web-accessible analytics dashboards and a fully integrated email platform are provided by this Oracle-based system. It's simple to use, simple to purchase, and something you'll always need.

        The strengths of Clairvoyix

        • The "Knowledge Factory" of Clairvoyix unearths insights that facilitate the development of fruitful client relationships. They design persuasive and pertinent digital and direct marketing campaigns that boost brand exposure, consumer engagement, and loyalty;
        • For the benefit of their clients, they design and implement strategies using their. Internationally renowned businesses who profit from their large return on Clairvoyix marketing technology;
        • The database organizes and purges campaign engagement contact data, finds duplicates and de-duplicates them, and highlights outdated or inactive information;
        • Clairvoyix is a set of marketing and sales solutions for large hotel chains that are ROI-focused and sync with fundamental CRM data.

        The little extra info

        Clairvoyix has the largest data center ecosystem in the world.


        The software for the travel and leisure industry
        Learn more about Clairvoyix

        4. Cloudbeds Hospitality Software

          The promise of the software

          Cloudbeds Hospitality Software aids hoteliers in accelerating revenue growth, streamlining hotel operations, and offering distinctive guest experiences. The platform adjusts to your needs whether you work in hospitality, go camping, or operate a short-term rental.

          The strengths of Cloudbeds Hospitality Software

          • To reduce time and increase profits, a revenue management system automates your rate management approach.
          • With no additional charge, a strong booking engine turns your website into your most effective booking channel.
          • Without charging additional commissions, a channel manager distributes your goods through more than 300 booking channels,
          • A list of integrations comprises suggested partners and third-party suppliers supplying top-tier programs, equipment, and services for your company's requirements.

          The little extra info

          Currently, the platform employs 700 people in over 40 countries who speak more than 30 languages.

          Cloudbeds Hospitality Software

          Hotel Management Software
          Learn more about Cloudbeds Hospitality Software

          5. Guestware

          The promise of the software

          Guestware is straightforward to use and put into practice. A timetable with an online or in-person training plan is made by your advisor. Guestware training may be included into the hectic schedules of hotel staff members effectively and affordably by using remote online training.

          The strengths of Guestware

          • A guest experience management multiplan system called Guestware aids in smooth scaling up when a hotel business expands in size and scope.
          • All visitor data and interactions are tracked and recorded by the system in one location. It easily interacts with your central reservation system (CRS) and property management system (PMS) to make taking care of your valued visitors simple.
          • On your smartphone, you may manage guest requests, do facilities inspections, and check on rooms.
          • Incorporates fundamental PMS functions to assist in managing upkeep, cleaning, and inspections

          The little extra info

          Over 1,600 hotels and resorts, as well as more than 75 nations, have used guestware.


          1 reviews

          Hospitality Property Software
          Learn more about GuestWare

          6. Hotelogix

          The promise of the software

          Hotelogix automates all of your hotel's administrative and operational responsibilities, taking care of your whole hotel administration. You may access it from any device, which increases your productivity while improving your ability to react to real-time data updates.

          The strengths of Hotelogix

          • An easy-to-use grid-based reservation board that shows the status of current accommodation reservations;

          • A hotel point-of-sale system that enables simple, centralized management of a wide range of services (Spa, mini-bar, restaurants, travel offices...),

          • Utilizing TripAdvisor Review Express, automatically send emails to your customers asking for input within 72 hours of their departure.

          • The most recent information on the state of your rooms is shown in real time via a housekeeping module that is connected with your reception system.

          The little extra info

          Modules can be added based on the demands and expansion of the business.


          +200 reviews

          Reservation & Booking Software
          Learn more about Hotelogix

          7. Little Hotelier

          The promise of the software

          Little Hotelier is a all-in-one hotel software platform. Their featured platform allows you access to the strongest distribution network in the sector, with the greatest number of connections at your disposal and 100% connection quality.

          The strengths of Little Hotelier

          • All of Little Hotelier Payments' capabilities are completely integrated, enabling you to accept safe PCI-DSS payments from every booking channel. For simple reconciliation, all the records are kept in one location;
          • Utilize the mobile app to manage your property and bookings whenever and wherever you are. Receive immediate alerts of new reservations, quickly check guests in and out, view availability and make changes to reservations in real-time, and handle payments while on the move;
          • By using this channel management, duplicate reservations are eliminated. All of your channels will be in sync with a perfect connection, so once a booking is made, your availability will be updated instantly.
          • Little Hotelier has many connections available in the market. They provide a hassle-free way to increase visitor numbers with their Google Hotel Ads Services.

          The little extra info

          Increase your visibility by having access to more than 400 popular local and national online travel agencies, with room and rate information updated quickly across all distribution channels. Additionally, reservations are delivered directly to your reservation calendar.

          Little Hotelier

          +200 reviews

          Reservation & Booking Software
          Learn more about Little Hotelier

          8. Mews

            The promise of the software

            Mews is a software package for hotels that streamlines daily management of your properties using a number of complimentary hotel solutions: Mews Marketplace for your points of sale, Mews Operations for bookings, Mews Guest Journey for client interaction, Mews Payment for quick and safe payments

            The strengths of Mews

            • A reservation management system that enables you to manage not just your rooms and availability but also your front-office personnel and employees (reception, special requests...);

            • Personalized online services and complete autonomy, if desired, are provided to your visitors through an intelligent customer interaction module (online check-in, programming of their keys, payment and departure from the hotel without external assistance);

            • Interactive dashboards to thoroughly evaluate your data and see how your business is performing;
            • A very thorough payment module that updates your establishment's capacity as soon as a reservation is paid.

            The little extra info

            With approximately 600 hotel solutions, the platform offers one of the biggest application and integration markets in the hospitality sector.


            Hospitality Property Software
            Learn more about Mews

            9. Revinate

            The promise of the software

            Revinate offers hotels a new level of audience comprehension and engagement. Revinate is trusted by 30,000 of the top hotels in the world to help them redefine the guest experience. Anyone may use it to increase customer loyalty and income because it is simple to use and doesn't require a lot of technological knowledge.

            The strengths of Revinate

            • For many hotel locations and consistent brand message, marketing campaign modules make it easier to build, deliver, and manage campaigns;

            • You may contrast the booking rates and customer satisfaction information among various hotel branches and locations using performance tracking;

            • Automate the customer journey with background-running lifecycle drip marketing, from inspiration through post-stay and back again;

            • Online evaluations from more than 100 sites may be combined into a single, customisable dashboard. From within the site, you can quickly and simply reply to both favorable and negative hotel evaluations.

            The little extra info

            In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, hoteliers selected Revinate's product as the Top Rated CRM/Marketing Product in Hotel Tech Report.


            3 reviews

            Hospitality Property Software
            Learn more about Revinate

                  So, what CRM software is best for your hotel?

                  The easiest strategy to select the finest CRM software for your hotel is to carefully assess and identify your needs as well as the demands of your teams. Which feature will be most helpful to you? This can change based on a number of factors, like the size of your business, the more points of sale you provide, whether or not you have a restaurant, etc.

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