Weglot: Tech solution to make web applications multilingual

Weglot is born from a simple idea, offering a webiste or web application in multiple languages should not be complicated.


Weglot is a technical solution for web applications owners or developpers to translate and display their website in multiple languages.

Additionaly, Weglot allows users to manage their translations from a simple and userfriendly dashboard, with access to machine, human (user generated) or professional translations.

Key benefits:

  • Remove time consuming and expensive development processes when going multilingual
  • One place to manage all translations, accessible and built for teams in charge of content
  • Dedicated integrations by web technologie to optimize performance

Editor: Weglot

Weglot demo and screenshots

Capture d’écran 2017-10-06 à 15.45.30.pngCapture d’écran 2017-10-06 à 15.46.18.pngCapture d’écran 2017-10-06 à 15.46.07.png

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