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Transformation projects are multiplying in companies. But for them to be successful, each employee must be committed to them on a long-term basis. 

At InsideBoard, we believe that every employee can become an actor of change, as long as he or she is motivated, trusted and supported. That is why we have created the first digital platform for change management using artificial intelligence.

Exchanging and sharing with your community, personalised recommendations, fun learning... our levers are inspired by daily consumer experiences. They enable us to maximize the commitment of employees and managers over the long term, beyond the silos.

You can now have a global solution to manage the success of the transformation.
- You industrialize and personalize Change Management using artificial intelligence.
- You measure and objectively assess the success and ROI of the transformation.
- You manage all types of transformation projects with a single tool, integrating external data if necessary (ERP, BI, e-learning, etc.).

InsideBoard has a Transformation Success Management approach, so that companies can succeed in their transformation projects.

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