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The software for energy and new technologies is an individual sector with their own specialized software. Use the appvizer software comparator to make the right choice today.

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Integration & Interoperability
Security & Confidentiality

Easy to use and really powerful

Subscription Billing for High Growth SaaS Businesses

Logiciel de saisie des temps et de compte-rendu d'activités

The Phone System Built for Modern Businesses

Subscription billing for SaaS

Effective and dynamic meetings

Optimize and automate your recruitment process

Accelerate software adoption

Predictive Data Analysis for Business Experts

Open Source marketing automation solution without limits

The ERP Designed for Consulting and Services Companies

Integration and API management platform

Helping companies spend smarter

Identity verification service for fast-growing companies.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Software

A tool for your business to grow more and better

Share your files on a secure platform

Job ads Multiposting and CV management solution

The 100% cloud-based solution dedicated to Field Service

1st Collaborative Work Platform based on AI

Electronic signature software solution

Automate your PDF generation. Get the job done.

CRM to boost your sales and customer satisfaction !

Secure corporate video conferencing solution

Load and Performance Testing Software

SaaS solution to create custom investment marketplace

Home Builder Software

Customer video assistance solution

Remote expertise in 3 clicks

Customer feedback management and roadmap prioritization.

Customizable Community Platform to Create Online Communities

Reduce your Cloud expenses with ease

Meet your perfect sales pitch

Qualitative analytics for websites and mobile apps

Customer Journey Mapping Software

The simplest cloud-based email signature manager

Project Management SaaS

Target, Engage, Convert and Measure

A 100% Cloud communication solution

Enterprise Headless CMS

European leader in recurring payments for subscriptions

cloud-based field service management solution

CRM & Marketing automation, much more than just a CRM

Intelligent Phone System

Augmented Reality Software Online. Do it yourself.

Best Cloud Based HRMS with feature of Payroll Management

Automated Recurring-Billing Solution for Europe

Boost performance with real-time insights

Callback within 28 seconds to assist your visitors

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Software

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