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SAP Transport Management

Transportation and Logistics Management Software
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SAP Transport Management is a transportation and logistics management software that lets shippers, logistics service providers and carriers manage their transportation processes within an all-in-one platform.

SAP Transport Management list of features include: 

  • freight management
  • order management
  • analytics
  • transportation and demand planning
  • interactive freight tendering
  • collaboration portal

Why should you choose SAP Transport Management?

  • efficiency: use automation and collaboration tools to improve your workflow
  • increase visibility: pinpoint the exact location of your cargo by using electronic track and tracing and a cross-system document flow.
  • improve expense management: reduce invoicing errors and overcharges by using customized tools to settle costs.
  • faster decision-making: customizable KPIs let you accelerate decision-making with real-time insight.
  • standardize logistics: centralize rates and data with your collaborators and users to simplify future shipments.
  • on-premise and cloud-based deployment styles
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List of the available languages: English
SAP Transport Management-Sap-dashboard
SAP Transport Management-Sap-dashboard

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