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Express Invoice is a billing and invoicing software for small businesses. This system is easy-to-use and complete as it lets you manage and track your invoicing and billing on Mac OS or Windows.

Why should you choose Express Invoice?

There is a free version of this software for companies with less than 5 employees. It is an optimal solution for small businesses looking to increase the visibility of cash flow and payments.

Express Invoice also allows you to send invoices and bills directly to your accountant. The software can be accessed by multiple users and can also be used online without compromising data security. And, it can be integrated with other software from the same company to obtain a complete platform.

What are the features of Express Invoice?

Express Invoice offers a wide range of features:

  • Record keeping
  • Order and invoice records
  • Transparency on supplier accounts
  • Income tax return
  • Analysis of customer transactions
  • Print cheques
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