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Invoicing software automates your business and accounting activities. With finance and accounting software, you can automate daily accounting and comply with legal requirements thanks to traceability and invoice management features.

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Billing & Invoicing
Security & Confidentiality
Sales Force Automation

The All-In-One CRM and Invoicing Solution

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BIlling for small/medium businesses and entrepreneurs

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vcita Online Payment Software

Quote, invoice and bill clients – all in one, simple app.

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Inventory and Order Management Software for Small Businesses

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Subscription Billing for High Growth SaaS Businesses

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Subscription billing for SaaS

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Smart invoicing for businesses

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The #1 Cloud ERP for implementing your scalability

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Real time P2P Automation. Easy. Powerful. Smart.

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The E-Invoicing solution for suppliers and clients

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Free invoicing for small businesses

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Simple e-invoicing, create invoices for free

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Quick creation of professional quotes and invoices

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QuickBooks Facturation

Online invoicing software for entrepreneurs

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Software online di fatturazione

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A simple and easy Billing, Accounting & Inventory solution

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Express Invoice

Invoicing software for small businesses

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Online invoicing software

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Online Invoices,Quotes and more! designed for small business

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Sage Compta & Facturation

Easy online management of quotes and invoices

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What is invoicing software?


Invoicing software automates the management of quotes, invoices, and payment tracking. By using this type of software, you will be able to monitor real-time cash-flow and online payments.

Moreover, invoicing software is considered to be an accounting assistant for small companies (VSEs, SMEs, and SMIs). Some are even adapted to entrepreneurs without an accountant or construction companies.

How do you do billing and invoicing?

An invoice is a document that shows the amount that has to be paid by the customer. As a company, you are the creditor and your customers are the receivables.  

Billing and invoicing software is designed to assist you with your business management documents and administrative tasks. It allows you to create contacts and customers and then an invoice template, a quoting template, and a purchase order template.

Finally, invoicing software will automatically create documents based on templates by putting the correct corporate name of the seller and the buyer along with their address, the date of the sale, the number of goods sold, the unit price, the due date for payment of the invoice and the penalties for late payments. With online software, you can easily create your invoices and manage your quotes, deposits and credit notes!

Furthermore, you will be able to manage inventory, relationships with clients and stocks.

What are the main features of invoicing software?

You can use invoicing software on a daily basis to create invoices, send them out and follow up on unpaid bills.

Here is a list of the main features of invoicing software:

  • generate quotes and invoices,
  • create invoice templates,
  • manage your customer files
  • edit invoices with all the legal information required for the validity of the document
  • automatically remind your customers of late payments
  • make invoices with a commercial discount and improve your customer relationship.
  • create order forms, delivery notes
  • Access to accounting documents and entries by the Chartered Accountant

What are the benefits of using invoicing software?


Management and invoicing software are essential to your company:

  • Handwriting invoices with Excel can lead to errors. It is also illegal since the implementation of the new finance law
  • It automates all customer management, document creation for your customers and your accountant
  • It allows you to manage your company's cash flow
  • It allows you to make a perfect layout
  • They support recurring invoicing and reminders
  • It automates administrative procedures such as VAT declaration and saves you time


  • Some foreign invoicing software does not comply with the VAT anti-fraud law

What types of invoices can you create with invoicing software? 

Here are the different types of invoices that you can create using invoicing software:

  • standard invoices,
  • commercial invoices
  • progress invoices
  • timesheets
  • utility invoices
  • recurring invoices
  • pro-forma invoices

What should you pay attention to when choosing your invoicing software? 

Don't buy software that has too many features that you might get lost in. Use simple invoicing software and pay attention to:

  • the ergonomics of the software so that the functions are quickly accessible.
  • the customization of documents. The invoice must be able to include your logo and your company's colors so that we have a sense of unity and harmony.
  • the customer service department.
  • the safety of your online billing data
  • the price: publishers offer different types of subscriptions depending on the number of employees
  • contact management should make it possible to provide all the necessary information about customers

Online or single-user invoicing software?

Both have benefits, it is mainly about choosing the best software according to your needs.

Single-user software

Single-user invoicing software provides greater data protection and you can more easily measure the cost of the investment. You buy software that is installed on your computer system or on the computers of your company. Updates will be done regularly. Please note that you will only have access to your data from your company computer. If you want to add reminders, enter expense reports or check the treasury, invoices, and quotes, you will have to do it from your office.

Online invoicing software

Online invoicing software is sometimes more interesting because updates are made every time the editor changes and you can get new modules. You have access to the platform in SaaS mode from any computer that is connected to the Internet. The price often varies depending on the number of employees who will have access to your invoicing software. Thus the price for a self entrepreneur software will be different from the microenterprise, VSE, SME or large companies.

What is the best software for invoicing?

Here is our list of the 10 best invoicing software: 

Complementary solutions of Invoicing



Expense Management

Payment Processing

Subscription Management

Investment Management

Management Control

Job Costing & Cost Management

Cash Register

Debt Collection


Financial Reporting


Accounts Payable

Financial Risk Management

Accounts Receivable

Risk Management

Tax Management

Mortgage and Loans

Payment Gateway

Asset Tracking

Contractor Management

Treasury Management System

Billing and Provisioning

Order Entry

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Business Card

Corporate travel management

Bank reconciliation

Business relationship management